Transfer Portal - Who Left and Who is Coming to Miami

I have not been able to follow this transfer portal this spring. Could someone provide a list of Miami football players who left and their destination? Also, a list of who is coming to Miami and the school they are leaving. I understand some of this information is unofficial.


Not sure if this is missing anything significant

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Dean never showed up on campus. Whereabouts and status unknown.


Smith - QB - Alabama A&M
Amos -RB - Colorado
Gage - WR - South Carolina
Warren - DB - ??
Woullard - DL - Oklahoma
Davis - RB - ??
Nicholson - K - Alabama
Mercer - DB - ??
Reardon - WR - YSU
Caldwell - DB - ??


Johnson - WR - ASU
Downing - RB - Purdue
Daniel - TE - FSU
Briggs - TE - SLU
Evans - DB - MSU
Perry - WR - IU

Still actively perusing at least one or two DL. Also just recently offered a grad transfer Safety. I’ll be surprised if we don’t add more via the portal before camp starts


Maybe dean has to finish this year at Purdue maybe he be here in fall

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QB be nice. Hopefully Gabbert will be healthy all season

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I think we can close the book on Dean. Not sure what happened, but isn’t coming here anymore it would appear.

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There are lots of QBs in the portal. We are making a mistake not adding an experienced back up and possibly future starter. We can’t count on Gabbert saving our butt forever.


I found video of this guy. Looks promising. He’s available!

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I think the number of QBs in the portal who are better than the backups on our roster and would be willing to come compete for the #2 spot with a chance to start next year is near zero.

I think it’s valid to say that it’s dangerous to go into a season with a historically injury prone QB1 and unproven backups, but I don’t think the answer is just sitting in the portal



I would think Brett, Henry and Gotkowski all should get considerable reps in August - Brett particularly in the last 10 days.

So you’re agreeing (and thus, we are agreeing to agree) that uncle Rico is worth investigating!!!

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Thank you, MooreHawk. This is a helpful site.

Thanks, Redhawks16. I appreciate simplifying so much information in a quick manner to process. I am impressed with the knowledge of Miami athletics on this site and devotion to Miami Athletics. I learn more here than on the conventional Miami University Athletic site.


Your definitely gusranteed to get more opinion on this site!


I counted 12 that started last year or have started at least one season. Most are juniors. I know several that would consider Miami with Brett’s history and an opportunity to start once he leaves. You would be surprised where these kids will sign once spots start to fill up, which is happening now. However, you guys all seem to know best. Maybe save this post and check back in October :v:


But that’s just my opinion.


Sure, post the 12 you’re looking at and I think it would be interesting to see in the fall what they amount to. Not sure that the guys left in the portal being desperate for a landing spot is a great argument in favor of them actually being talented backups we’re missing out on.

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I agree that it would be great to have another backup- although I think you have said before Ballcoach1 that it takes over a year for qbs to be comfortable with the language of our offense

AV ended up being a very good leader and winner but even he was limited. The Cure Bowl was historically bad for QB play.

A plug in play veteran to serve that backup role would seem to be good use of a scholarship