Stanley Cup Playoffs 2024

Agree. Hopefully FLA pots one here on his latest penalty

I’d love to know why he hasn’t been put in a jail cell by now

Trouba on one side, Cousins on the other. Just give me the Western champ right now.

Seriously, anyone but the eastern conf team at this point!
At least Trouba got fined this time, not like it will make a difference.

I’m rooting for the Rangers solely because of Jack Roslovic, I hate all of the teams that are left :sob:


Anybody but Dallas. :face_vomiting:

I was really hoping the Canucks would knock the Oilers out, but since they didn’t, I’ll take the Oilers, or the Rangers with the Miami connection.

I’ve heard a couple of rumors about the Avs potentially picking up Roslovic for next year…it would be fun to have a Miami guy to cheer for on my team!


Gee…I’m rooting for the Stars…AND Mavs! Just returned from Dallas.

Don’t feel bad. I have the Reds winning the World Series, and candidly, I’m not sure they’d win the college World Series. Passion confuses.


Hey there’s still a chance, it’s a long season😂 they had such a promising April then once May hit it was an ultimate collapse. Maybe they’ll come back in June and have a record breaking win streak like they did last year

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Eh. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 6,375 times in a row, shame on you many times over. And this is list of my life with the Cincy club. Reds are fools gold. I hate this. But sadly, it’s true.

Jack Roslovic and the Rangers season is over

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Hoping for Edmonton and Florida now. The most travel miles possible!

I was curious so I mapped it

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I think it might be possible to have a couple of pairings further apart. Google maps show Sunrise to Seattle and Sunrise to Vancouver(traveling the most direct way through Seattle) might be 300-400 miles further.

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It’s not every day that you see a player get a shot on goal on each goalie on the same shift.

Edmonton needs to ditch the finesse and get tough, fast, or this series may be over in 4


Bobrovsky has been very good in this series. He pretty much single handedly won Game One for the Cats.

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Anybody but Boston. :wink:

Edmonton wins game 4, 8-1 and game 5, 5-3.

Game 6 is back at Rogers in Alberta on Friday at 8pm

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It’s good to be Alberta Bound!

A win in Edmonton will make a very dull series very interesting.