I’m sure that was the case for them. However, it’s not true for all schools, coaches, situations. I know these kids and coaches personally. I know of two new college football head coaches , as we speak, that are going through their rosters evaluating who they are going to cut after Spring Game. That means, they are not renewing their scholarships and certainly not letting them stay on the roster. NCAA doesn’t give two :poop: about the players. They cherry pick situations to be involved with. I’m not trying to argue with you. I just know of several players this has happened to.

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So am I to understand from this exchange that Miami cuts but Ohio U and Cincinnati doesnt?

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College coaches having “direct” conversations with current players about playing time/scholarships has been going on for some time…decades…not just with the creation of the portal.

The D1 NCAA bylaws are public, you can read through them if you want: NCAA Publications - 2023-2024 NCAA Division I Manual

Section 15.3: Terms and Conditions of Awarding Institutional Financial Aid

Scholarships are protected from being cancelled during their duration for athletic reasons, but don’t need to be renewed year to year (with exceptions for the P5 that are more restrictive and for teams/conferences that opt into the P5 rules).

There is an exception for students who transfer. Once you transfer the new school is forced to award a scholarship for the duration of eligibility or until the student finishes undergrad.


So tactically, a kid is probably better off to sign out of high school somewhere he can play and shine instantly, then jump in the portal and transfer. That guarantees his scholly for the duration. Interesting.

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This explains the Julian Lewis situation.

No it doesn’t

Please explain.

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Saw article in 247 Sports about Rashad Amos. Article says he is now the no. 1 RB left in the portal. Apparently he committed to Washington on Jan. 11 but a Coaching change there gave his cause for concern and he opened himself back up to other schools. About 6-8 P5 schools are in touch with him, including NW, Michigan State, Ole Miss, Arizona, Washington and Kansas State among others.

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I dont like the Northwestern option


Very broad article, although his line about competing for a national championship makes me inclined to believe he’s not going to northwestern

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I don’t think any of the teams on that list are going to be heading to the natty in the next two years of eligibility he has left. Maybe Ole Miss. But Washington is in complete rebuild.

“His NIL representatives Darren Wilson and Chase Moss said they’ve also heard from the likes of Kansas State, Auburn, USC and TCU.”

Wow. There are NIL representatives (agents) now.

If his goal is to be on a team that has a chance to compete for a national title, we won’t have to worry about facing him in week one.

I do. Remind him what’s what week 1.

Northwestern has turned their program around. They went 8-5 last year and beat Utah in the Las Vegas bowl. I’d rather not see him added to that team


Interesting note…I just looked at Alabama A&M’s roster to see if Aveon was listed. He is. Of note is that A&M has 37 transfers listed on its roster. Six of those are from MAC schools.

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I ran into an A&M alum in Savannah last weekend and asked if he was excited about having Av. Absolutely was his answer……took him a millisecond to answer