Today could be a tough day. Because we will probably lose some great players and we wont gain any for weeks (just like every other program)

I see Ohio State’s starting qb is in the portal

It will be interesting to see if we lose any guys to bigger programs. There are certainly a handful of players who could contribute on power 5 rosters immediately. If we can maintain the core of this team - next year will be amazing.

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We could probably just merge this with the other portal thread we already have. But while I’m here, Ohio’s WR Miles Cross has entered. He’s a good player.

Kyle McCord from tOSU is now in the portal. I say good for him. Those fans blamed him for 3 straight seasons of losing to Michigan when this year was his one as starter

I’m mostly nervous about salopek. Guy is a total beast and would get a look from big ten teams.

What’s the rule on guys like Larvadan who have already transferred these days? Does it make it more likely he stays? A bit worried about him as well given the qb questions.

Not sure why but I have a good feeling about Salopek staying. Maybe it’s just blind homerism.

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The rule is a player can only transfer once without sitting out. There is an exception that allows a Grad student to transfer again and play immediately. The NCAA reserves the right to approve/ deny all other exceptions with seemingly know rhyme or reason. ( See Maddox Kopp )

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Chuck has built a great culture. I hope he has talked to his team in anticipation of this day and expressed the “run it back” mentality that Candle had so many buy into at Toledo last year, heading into this year. If this team returns largely intact next year, we can win the MAC again.


Obviously favorites for the MAC, yes, but to get way ahead of myself, Northwestern and UC are vulnerable and a 12-1 team with 2 P5 wins and their only loss to Notre Dame would be more likely than not headed to the playoff.


To anyone thinking of leaving, the message has to be clear----you could end up a whole lot worse off by leaving than choosing to stay, getting to work, and setting your target for a New Year’s 6 Bowl next season.

The school has to demonstrate its commitment to this line of reasoning by extending Chuck and raising his and his assistants’ salaries by a meaningful amount.

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Aim higher/crazier.

Undefeated. Everyone else has 2+ losses. We get into the playoff. They can’t keep us out.

To quote CM… “Let’s have stupid expectations.”

My guy, check it out….we have a chance to make the playoffs next year.

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Top three reasons players want to leave: First: They aren’t playing and there is no path to play…buried in depth chart. Second: They want to win. Third: They want to move up a level. Also, keep in mind, head coaches also tell kids to “ hit the portal”. Meaning, we are deep enough in your position and need your scholarship to use elsewhere.

Salopek in the portal. Jack Salopek, QB Western Michigan.

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That is not fucking funny!!


If Maddox Kopp had to sit out a semester he should be eligible for the bowl game, don’t finals end on Friday the 15th?

Maybe add some want to impact their financial future. You get on opportunity for multiple year six figures NIL you have to look at it. We can all do 100k x 2 compounding at 8% and know what it means at age 55/60 and that is what’s being sold. Not saying all our guys can command that but some may depending on how fired up some donors are to elevate a program. Rising Big 12, mid pack Big 10 etc. we really need to create our NIL collective.


And you can transfer and play elsewhere immediately if your head coach takes another job. That means guys from about 15 programs are eligible to transfer and play due to the coaching carousel right now.

Unless we get some dynamic QB play, we will not win the MAC again…

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Or we will win it every year until the end of time because some of us aren’t losers and haters.