Portal Possibilities?

Wait, you’re telling me I have…a brother?
This changes everything!

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1 of only 5 D1 players this season to have a DREB% of 20+%, a BLK% of 5+%, and shoot at least 37% from 3.

Read that Javohn Garcia is heading to McNeese to play for Will “the Fraud” Wade. Believe he was a Miami commit out of Pickerington before going to UMass, then to College of the Redwoods. Geography major.

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Just throwing this out there. Not that I want anyone necessarily to transfer, but what if we have a scenario where no one else enters the portal? Then we have exactly enough scholarships, I believe, for the returning players and the 5 incoming freshmen. No room for “portal possibilities”.

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Then I think we have a roster that is probably more talented than last years, but with freshmen running the point and a question mark around how we’ll address the lack of depth at 4 outside of Kotecki. That said, there’s a lot of smoke around our staff and players in the transfer portal.

JJ Louden. 8 total minutes played in the entire season?

Sunderland. 46 total minutes?

Minutes are not everything as Anderson proved this year. Some players are buried on the bench

However, there are reasons players are in the portal.

Coaches have to carefully evaluate these players as much as, or more so, than incoming freshmen.

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Both Louden and Sunderland were recruited by this staff out of high school. Sunderland actually started the first game of the season for ECU, but didn’t play a lot because of depth. The staff pretty consistently goes after players they’re familiar with and trust their evaluations.

These are also only two out of ~20 it looks like we’ve reached out to. They range from guys who led their teams in just about every statistical category at lower levels, to guys who were buried as a freshmen.

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Absolutely no doubt of the “smoke” around Steele’s interest in portal possibilities and he has publicly said as much. I am just pointing out a potential scenario of having no room for said portals.

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Long shot but…

In relation to EJ Jarvis

I doubt Miami reaches out. There’s a pretty consistent pattern for what Steele is looking for. They all shot the ball well from range. I haven’t seen them contact any centers, and that makes sense with Mirambeaux, Morris, Potter, Rylee, and Kotecki all available to play there this season.

As for long shots: