Pittsburgh Steelers 2023

Mike Tomlin is finally reaping the consequences of hiring guys less capable than him for coordinators. That, and Kenny doesn’t seem to be the guy…

D made the big (huge) plays, although no Chubb for much of the game. Offensive line faced one of their biggest challenges and will hopefully improve.

Harvin had a heck of a game.

Welp my Browns D were incredible but offense just did not cut it. Gave them 14 free points smh. Watson and Stefanski need to get it together or gonna be a long season. Hate losing to Pittsburgh. Yes I know obviously our main man Big Ben played there…but still don’t like them haha.

The Steelers entered the 4th quarter trailing by 3. Pittsburgh generated -7 yards of offense in the quarter. And they won.

Do better, offense!

Steelers have now gone 39 straight games under OC Matt Canada without gaining 400+ yards.

Is Pickett out for the year? We’ll know soon.

I’ve boarded the Fire Tomlin bus after today. 4th and short and he suppors a fool that goes into a shotgun-pass playcall…even Chuck Martin wouldn’t do that.

Be careful. Chuck may just have gotten a new idea for a 4th and short play.

That may have been the worst overall performance by the Steelers in many years…and I have seen pretty much all their games. I was screaming for Trubisky the entire second half…just not sure Pickett is the answer. Now I may get my wish.

Hypothetical…But if Steelers finish 6-11 and draft 7th…Would they consider a QB?

Pickett will certainly be watched closely this year. Just shows you how meaningless pre-season stats are.

Edit: Pickett avoided serious injury. Could be back for Ravens game.

Probably way too early to decide something like that. Pickett finished pretty strong last year after stumbling early. It could go that way again.

Canada has to go, if not over the bye week then certainly at the end of the season.

Steelers have changed Offensive co-ordinators several times. Have they ever done it mid season or has it always been during the offseason.

I was also wondering.

Found this:

“They don’t fire staff members in-season. You’d have to go back two decades for the last time a coordinator was fired. In 2004, defensive coordinator Tim Lewis was shown the door, but that was after the season had ended.”


Canada is Tomlin’s “Ride or Die”. I really dont think anything measurable will change until Tomlin leaves.

The organization doesn’t fire coaches during the season. Tomlin stubbornly kept Canada after two seasons of offensive futility and now the situation is dire. We’ll never know if Pickett is the guy in this offense.

They fired a coordinator after a 15-1 season that ended with a loss in the AFC Championship game? Damn.

Edit: Never mind. It looks that Pittsburgh fired Lewis early in 2004, meaning following 2003 (6-11, which resulted in drafting Ben). That makes much more sense because I thought LeBeau was there for the start of the Ben era.

Based on Tomlin’s comments today, he apparently has formally entered the “Tank for Caleb” competition.

They could have peak Tom Brady in that offense and the result would be the same. Canada must go.

Also, I haven’t seen Tomlin’s Tuesday presser yet but it’s not in him to tank.

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Agree there. I think he would quit before tanking.