Pittsburgh Steelers 2023

Bush, Spillane, and Jack out at ilb.

Holcomb, Roberts, and Robinson in (for now).

Looks like db, dl, or ol with first few picks, and perhaps wr in 3rd or 4th round.

Maybe Bud coming back as well.

Roberts is better than all three of those who were released.

Holcomb and Roberts are an immediate upgrade at ILB. Plus, they now don’t need to use a premium pick in the draft at that position. They can add depth later in the draft.


Cole Holcomb is pretty bad but so is Spillane.

Sour grapes.

Seems like the Steelers are forcing themselves to draft an ILB with one of the first two picks. Hopefully they can bring Jack back…

Jack is gone…$8 million was too much. Someone will sign him though…hoping he can stay healthy.

Jack is gone and rightfully so. The first two picks should be CB then best player available at either OL or DL. The two free agent signings at ILB mean they don’t need to use a premium pick at that position.

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On Pace…

Click on the link below or your liver will not be drafted.

Meh, what’s he gonna do when he can’t transfer after a season?

Pickett…Willis…Which QB will the Steelers take? Or…Will they wait until the 2023 QB-rich draft?

Whoops. That was last year.

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Just a few days ago, Levis was the favorite to be the second overall pick. Steelers could take Porter…or trade their next pick (1st pick of second round). Does someone want Levis?

What he put on tape against Miami probably cost him the first round money. Lol

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Safe pick (Porter).

Willis (Malik) is not a happy camper right now.

Best Steelers draft ever? Time will tell, but on paper…It’s impressive.

Good job Omar.

NO!!! Not that Omar!


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Kenny Pickett is in da house!!! (Prates game)

I wonder if the fact that he moved across the hall as he transitioned from college to the pros, will be a hindrance in his development, or an asset. Seems like a good kid though…

Memories…Ben and Shaq


Joey for Chase

Certainly appears to be a huge steal.



Steelers have had terrible luck with drafting big body WRs since Burress