Georgia thread

John Wall? I don’t remember John Wall.

(Patiently awaits with the set up………)

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Just too much inexperience for an environment like this. Not enough leadership on the floor. Could be ugly, but i hope not.

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Just looked at our schedule vs the 1-363 rankings. These guys are #87, I believe. We only play 6 games all season against teams ranked below us. We’ve already lost to one of those. I see this season as a year-long coach’s player development camp.


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I’d love to see improvement

ESPN gives Miami a 14% chance.


Just about the start I expected.

Well this is about the worst start…Mirambeaux trying to high-low with Mehki…missed lay-up and missed wide open trey.

I don’t think we’re even going to start to look like a D1 basketball team until February - about a month after we get everybody back.

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Having people back means nothing if Miami can’t take care of the ball

Safford could help

Post player gives a forearm to the neck of a 5’8 guy and they call a double foul? lol


This is not the team he expects to play with. From here to conference season is basic training.

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Georgia hitting everything




Four freshmen on the court at the same time. This experience will pay off. This is like a training camp.


Good comment-

Georgia is hitting and we aren’t.

Must take care of the ball

Things a little too fast

Very nervous, never seen so many missed bunnies and Weak turnovers in such a short period of time. Effort looks ok, I like the offense concept. Just need to settle down and play ball!

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