Dream bowl scenarios if we run the table?

A long way to go, but yesterday was pretty impressive. We actually have been able to run the ball after game 1 and Gabbert is playing well. Defense is great as expected. Obviously Toledo and OU in the way, but if we can climb those hills and go 11-1, where does that leave us in bowl options outside of the normal MAC tie-ins? Or does it not matter?

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Gabbert is a top 3 QB at Miami all time now in all statistical categories. There’s a reason for that.

For personal reasons I would love Miami to play Tulane in a bowl game.

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Sometimes ESPN arranges things that are outside the specific relationships but it would likely still be the espn controlled non power 5 game

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If we were highest ranked G5 it would be Fiesta, Cotton or Peach bowl. Thus we need some of these G5 leaders to start losing a few, AF, Wyoming, Fresno, Liberty, Memphis, or Tulane. I will assume we would prevail over a 1 loss Sunbelt winner but who knows?

Now that we are into conference play, I did note that the SunBelt has many more teams at .500 and over than the MAC…not sure how that plays into these determination s on SOS s but I think it’s a bit of a long shot we get a NY6 bowls even at 11-1. Still, wins over UT and OU would have to help our SOS even if the rest of the MAC is pretty lousy.

During the game yesterday, I was thinking that if Gabbert, the OC, and our talent stays, next year’s offense could be close to 2003’s…

Saw the first couple of updated bowl projections after week 6, Athlon has us in the Boise Bowl vs. Fresno State, and CBS has us in the Quick Lane vs PJ and Minnesota.

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For us to get the NY6 bid, we would presumably need for there to be 2 loss champions in the SBC, MWC, and AAC. I’m not sure if bowl ineligible James Madison is eligible for the SBC championship game, but that could be another wrinkle. 12-1 Miami would have a significantly better resume than 13-0 Liberty, but I wouldn’t guarantee that we’d be ahead of them unless they take a loss.

The conference tie-ins are a lot more flexible now for ESPN to create interesting matchups, so I assume we’d still get a high quality opponent in a lower tier bowl if we go something like 11-2 or 10-2.


I would love to see Miami play a B1G team in a bowl. I have no delusions that it will be in January. Miami vs Rutgers, Minnesota, Northwestern, or Iowa would be cool.

For now: Just Win, Baby!

We lose to Rutgers and Northwestern. I think we beat Minnesota.

I think the only place where we could face a B1G is the Quicklane Bowl.

Wild that we could be in the mix for an NY6 bowl bid, but here we are. It’s a long shot, but let’s go 12-1 and see what happens. We would need UC to finish strong and Miami FL not shitting themselves would be great too.

Air Force is currently the front runner since they are undefeated, but Wyoming might have the most impressive resume with wins over Texas Tech, App State and Fresno. Their only loss was at Texas where the game was tied after 3 quarters.

We’ll learn a lot more next weekend with Air Force hosting Wyoming, Memphis hosting Tulane and Liberty playing at 5-1 Jax State. There are 2 good matchups in the Sun Belt too.


Something to keep in mind is that only the conference champs of the 5 P5 teams are eligible for the New Years Bowl bid ( or whatever we call it now). Sometimes there are upsets and the best team does not win the championship game.


Talking about dream bowl scenarios in early October is cool. It certainly beats opening a notebook in mid-November and creating a chart to figure out how many more teams could still attain bowl eligibility in case we end up with a 6-6 record.


Wishing to get into the Poulan Weed Eater Bowl is a bleak scenario that no one enjoys. This is better.

ESPN is not even trying-one guy has us playing in the Bahamas Bowl again this year


I saw one prediction of UT in the Myrtle Beach Bowl…that wouldn’t be a bad destination if we got a good opponent, but a gig against Fresno State or Wyoming in Boise wouldn’t be bad.

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I want the Jimmy Kimmel Bowl in LA.

EDIT: I know that’s not a sexy game, I just want to be able to take a one-week-old to a Miami bowl game


What makes you think we can’t beat Northwestern? They’re 3-3 with wins over Minnesota, 1-5 UTEP, and FCS Howard (23-20).