Del State

It’s perfectly OK to be paranoid. They are ALL out to get you.

We need to get Gage three TD and 215 yards in the first quarter and then get him out of the game.

Like @Quinoaburger said, I don’t see this as a trap game. Western before Toledo is a trap. Akron after Ohio could be a trap if we win in Athens. Delaware State can’t block a bad D2 program. This is a game we should sleep walk through and win. I already posted the highlights of them against Bowie, but this is against a comparable FBS program in Army. And quite honestly I think we’re a better program than Army this year. Not that you can’t be nervous, but it’s hard to overstate how bad of an FCS program Delaware State truly is. Their offensive SP+ is 127th out of 128 teams in FCS. Their defense is 90th. The projected final score (rounded) is 43-1. Obviously the team should be taking it seriously, but as a fan, this is as relaxed as it gets for a MAC fan. This is Alabama vs Akron type stuff.


Please just pepper Gage with targets so he continues to lead the nation

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Very curious to see how he can thrive in MAC play. Based on his performance through 3 games; 200 yds and 3 TDs should be easy enough for him against D State


Silly Sagarin ratings thinking UC is 45 spots ahead of us…

If it is there. It should be in the middle of the souvenir / gift shop as a display. Sell some mini bells and other merch.

Put it in a prominent spot and have a staffer there to take our pictures with it.


What are paying DEL State to come to Oxford?

Definitely should be closer, but I get it. Sagarin incorporates previous season numbers if I recall correctly, which in reality does help set early season rankings until new game data come in. The 2-0 start and Pitt win were also admittedly more impressive than our loss to the U and UMass win.


More I think about it…yeah will be pretty upset if we don’t beat these dudes pretty heavily by halftime. They seem to be masquerading as a 1-AA team when they have lower D2 talent if that. Hit em in the mouth from the first snap and get some other guys some playing time.

I don’t consider this a trap game as mentioned above. Not a trap game when the other team has a pretty piss poor chance of winning.

Be disciplined, be smart, be safe, and let’s go to 3-1.


Anyone really pay any attention to his rating now?

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The Miami Instagram posted a few pictures yesterday of the bell being on display for the public in the middle of the Armstrong Center.


Last time we scored 50 was 9/29/12 against Akron (56-49). Last time we scored 60 was 10/11/97 against Kent St (62-26).

To re-emphasize my position, the regulars should dedicate this game to the thirds and scouts.The second half should be a gift to them for all the hard work they put in to make us better. It has nothing to do with Delaware State. They’re just a bunch of kids playing for a struggling HBCU program and trying to get an education.

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Too cool! They made Yahsyn the poster model for this weeks uniform reveal! Nice touch, Miami Department of Athletics…



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Who all is going to be there?

Will you be attending in person?
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  • No
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Just posting this as an HBCU - G5 comparison. Texas State, rebuilding under first year coach GJ Kinne, beat rebuilding 2022 Celebration Bowl runner-up Jackson State 77-33 Saturday in San Marcos. The Bobcats were up 63-20 with more than 6 minutes left in the 3rd period and essentially shut it down. Jackson State scored a couple of 4th Quarter TD against the Texas State threes and scout team guys. The Texas State threes and scouts put up a couple of TD against the Tigers twos.

This is awesome! How fitting that the ‘23 team brought the Victory Bell back to campus just in time for the ‘73 team to be able to ring it again - 50 years later!

You can’t make Miami Football legend up!