Chase For The New Year's 6

Week 7

4-1 Tulane -4.5 @ Memphis (7:00, Friday, ESPN)
4-1 Memphis +4.5 vs Tulane (7:00, Friday, ESPN)

6-0 Liberty defeated Jacksonville St 31-13 on Tuesday

5-1 Miami -8 @ WMU (3:30, Saturday, ESPN+)
5-1 Ohio -6.5 @ NIU (4:00, Saturday, ESPNU)
5-1 Toledo -16.5 @ Ball St (2:00, Saturday, ESPN+)

5-0 Air Force -10.5 vs Wyoming (7:00, Saturday, CBS Sports)
5-1 Wyoming +10.5 @ Air Force (7:00, Saturday, CBS Sports)
4-1 UNLV -9.5 @ Nevada (5:00, Saturday, MW Network)
5-1 Fresno St -5.5 @ Utah St (8:00, Friday, CBS Sports)

4-1 Marshall +1 @ Georgia St (7:00, Saturday, ESPN2)
4-1 Georgia Southern +4.5 @ James Madison (12:00, Saturday, ESPN2)
4-1 Georgia St -1 vs Marshall (7:00, Saturday, ESPN2)

5-0 James Madison -4.5 vs Georgia Southern (12:00, Saturday, ESPN2) (ineligible for postseason, but can still file an appeal)

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The top G5 team gets a NY6 bowl, correct? Is this determined by the CFP rankings?

Top G5 team in the CFP Rankings or the top G5 team as determined by the committee if no team is ranked.

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Liberty has the inside track. They’ve already beaten one of the only two teams in their conference with a winning record. WKU is their only test remaining. The other conferences will start cannibalizing each other in the coming weeks.

Anyone know what the $ bonus is for the conference of the NY6 representative? I know this will all change again next year

It’ll be interesting to see how the committee handles Liberty. Yes they’re undefeated, but the schedule is absolutely abysmal, even by G5 standards. Their full season SOS is literally dead last in FBS, and it’s not close.

12-1 Miami would have 4 wins over teams better than the best opponent 13-0 Liberty would play. Right now Bowling Green is the third highest ranked opponent on their schedule. They only play one team in the top 100 all season.

Hopefully WKU pulls a repeat of what they did to Marshall in 2014 and this becomes a moot point.


Good point. Since being undefeated has seemed to be the primary factor in the past, I wonder what will happen if Liberty is the only undefeated. Also, and if that’s the case, the committee will absolutely–whether they admit it publicly or not–be taking into consideration the howls of “rELiJJuS BiGotRy!!!” should they pass them by for a one-loss team from another conference.


I think Wyoming might be the top ranked G5 if they can get by AFA this weekend. Their only loss was a competitive one at Texas and they beat Texas Tech. if not the Falcons could end up the highest ranked G5. I think Marshall could still be in the mix if they survive undefeated in the Belt. Their only loss was a close one at NC State.

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College kids need to come out homecoming weekend this is best team since Roethlisberger left


They need to be a conference champ as well. USF was the closest to WMU in the pre-CFP bowl rankings in 2016, but they didn’t even win their division so it wasn’t even a discussion.


I’m not worried about Liberty at all. They were life and death with a very bad Sam Houston last week. They were life and death versus the second and third string QBs of Jax St. last night until deep into the game. Someone is going to pick them off.


Also - is that a bigger draw than a MAC school?
(Ugh - I hope not - :grinning:)

Tulane is going to be huge favorites in each of their remaining games. Their one loss was a competitive game with their backup QB against a top 15 team. They’re not supposed to, but I assume the committee will also take into account their Cotton Bowl win against USC last season. Gotta think they’re in the driver’s seat, assuming Air Force probably doesn’t go undefeated.


Top G5 ranked “Conference Champion”

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It would really be nice if UC would stop dicking around and hurting our SOS. Down 20-7 at home to Iowa St. in the 3rd.

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Narrator: they did not stop dicking around.

UC is a bad, bad team.

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Isn’t this cool that we actually have a potential path to a big time bowl game. Somewhat in our control?

All I have ever asked!

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BTW looking at current games Marshall in trouble and Wyoming in position to pull off a win?

Disagree - they are not “bad.” Their schedule is not really easy. They beat PITT and PITT beat a ranked Louisville. They played U of OK fairly well. They ALSO had some close other games.
I root for them because it helps us, but UC still sUCks!!

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Wyoming ends up losing to Air Force 34-27.