Arizona State: series

With ASU joining the NCHC, it looks like the non-conference series in Tempe originally slated for next season is off.

Our series preview here:

Preview: Arizona St. at Miami – View From the Glass

Excited to be going to both games this weekend!

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AYFKM? I was looking forward to taking my son to that!

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No comments? Huh.

Miami was down, 4-1 in the third period, scored three times to tie it (including gasp and XAG) and won it 21 seconds into overtime on a John Waldron goal.

Yeah, hockey!


Nice start! Looks like the personnel changes might be positive. Let’s just keep it going.

Wow that game was the opposite of everything we’ve been complaining about for close to 15 damn years.


This series is so exciting that we have two threads going. :stuck_out_tongue:

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We are so back.

Johnny Waldron is a drought ending machine- ended the 7 year hat trick drought and the 6 year OT win drought

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We hadn’t won an OT game in 6 years? Wow. And football for their first EVER OT win this season.


Couldn’t comment, was too busy celebrating :smiley:

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Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I think the last OT GWG was Casey gilling his sophomore year or something.

Good team win! Spencer cox looked great qbing the Power Play, our top line was scoring, we didn’t get too many penalties and the team didn’t implode at the end of the game. I love this for us

I actually had a life tonight (:flushed: an extremely rare occurrence, lol) and didn’t even get to check the score until almost 11p mountain time. Great to see we were able to make a big comeback for once and actually put it away in OT (it’s been so long, I can’t remember when we last won in OT)! Let’s get the sweep!

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Everyone’s so excited. I get it. But don’t lose sight of the fact that those ASU unis were so gawd-awful ugly it cost them at least 2 goals.

Back to lurking.


Yeah, I’m not a fan. Is lots of yellow ever a good thing on unis?

It works for Oregon football when they pair the yellow with apple green jerseys. Otherwise… nope.

The Savanna Bannanas?


This dad helping his kid get dressed in the locker room at hockey lessons said “yeah, I played for a club team called the Sun Devils in college” and I mercifully managed to keep my mouth shut.


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Check the “Uncategoried” forum.

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