Miami hockey vs AZ State this weekend, Best start in 5 years

AZ State ranked #13, 2 wins over Merrimack and Northern Mich.,each. Both at AZ State.They seem slightly over ranked at this point. Will be a good test for RedHawks!


AZ State is ( its early) now ranked 3rd in Pairwise, 4-0. Miami 4 th.@ 3-1.
Miami’s Best Start in 5 years.refer to John Lachman’s “ view from the glass” article online.

Holy shit, down 4-1 in the 3rd we came back and won in OT 5-4.


13 minutes left in the third period & Miami was still down 4 to1; tied it up with 57 seconds and won just 21 seconds into overtime.


Great finish. We get PP goal to get to 4-3 and then have to kill a penalty at the four minute mark. We pulled our goalie with under two minutes to go and scored with less than a minute to go in regulation. In OT 3 on 3 great pass and shot for the win. Players were celebrating hard on the ice. Nice to see.


From my perspective, THIS edition of the RedHawks has turned a corner. A comeback victory like this simply would not have happened last year despite having arguably more offensive weapons in the locker room. We may not be able to withstand a similar ASU performance tomorrow evening, but tonight we celebrate not just a win… but a STATEMENT! Now, let’s get the sweep!


That is one heck of a comeback and a great early season win. Keep that momentum going tomorrow night!

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Miami is waking up some ghosts…It is Halloween!,

4 game win streak!! Also it’s awesome we’re averaging 4+ goals a game. Playing much better at home too; already matched how many home wins we had last year and the year before!

Not to mention upsetting a ranked team who was undefeated before tonight. Kinda sad not a lot of students came (at Halloweeekend probably) and the ones who did left before the third period. maybe next home series is nothing is going on then….

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Uptown was Packed.

I had so little interest in hockey after last year and giving up our season tickets I had almost forgotten to check scores. Maybe there is some hope for this season but I’m still in “show me” mode after having endured the last several.

That being said I’m glad to see some positive momentum…


Hockey has been the hardest sport for me to maintain interest in, following my graduation and their move out of the CCHA

We’re fucking back, baby!