2024 Softball Season

34 in RPI, T31/T30 in the two human polls.


9-0 final in G2. A 1-hitter!


Same pitcher? If so, that’s gotta be some kind of record.

No, Ashley Hitchcock pitched Game 2. Jenna and Karli each hit another homer in Game 2, so still tied. The rest of the team added 5 more homers in the DH.


This team is insanely talented.

Spaid hit one in the early game, but not the late game. Current tally is Golembiewski 24, Spaid 23. Third place in the country had 15 going into the day.

I looked it up and it appears that the all time D1 single season record is 37. With 18 games remaining and both averaging about 0.7 HRs per game, they’re on pace to hit 12-13 more over the course of the regular season, which would put them right on the cusp of that record going into the conference and NCAA tournaments.

More accurate than you probably even realized when you posted this.


Some amazing stats in an article on MURedHawks.com.

Softball America has position rankings of the best players in the country so far this season. Karli Spaid is #1 at 3B, Jenna Golembiewski is #1 in the OF. Holly Blaska is #5 at 1B. Allie Cummins is #9 at C. Kate Kobyashi is # 15 in the OF. First 5 batters in the lineup.

Jenna is first in the nation in HR’s with 24, Karli is 2nd with 23. Leadoff batter Allie Cummins is first in walks.

Girls are currently on a 15 game winning streak.


Can Miami retain Kumar? Can we still afford her?

Spotify Jenna, Karli, and Coach 2k on this podcast. I think it starts around 18 mins, great interviews


After an off weekend, softball swings back into action with a 4:00 game at Butler. Our 15 game winning streak is on the line.


Dropped to 43 in this week’s RPI. T28/31 in the human polls.

We’re down 1-0 in the top of the 3rd at Butler, looking for our first hit.

Miami gets 4 runs in the top of the 5th and now leads 4-1 going into the bottom half of the inning. Big 2-run single by Kobayashi in the inning.


Homers are cool, but nice to be able to string hits together, too.

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4-2 bottom of 6

Reeves strikes out the side in the 6th.

Miami leaves 10 on base, but wins 4-2.


16 straight! Now back to conference play with three at Akron on Friday/Saturday.


No home runs today. What’s wrong with the Miami offense?

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Only one extra base hit today, a double by Bartholomew. Fire Kumar!

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