2024 Softball Season

I saw a post by Oklahoma Softball today with their ‘24 schedule. Miami plays in Norman on March 1.


Season starts tomorrow (Friday 2/9/24) in Elon, NC.

Miami is slated to play:

Friday 2/9 9:30 AM vs. Evansville
Friday 2/9 2:30 PM vs Elon
Saturday 2/10 2:30 PM vs. App State
Saturday 2/10 5:00 PM vs. App State
Sunday 2/11 Noon vs. Evansville

Elon game will be streamed on Flosports:

Oddly, Miami travels to Evansville next Saturday.

Doubleheaders at Evansville this weekend:

Sat 2/16/24 1:30 PM vs. Austin Peay
Sat 2/16/24 4:00 PM vs. Evansville

Sun 2/17/24 11:00 AM vs. Austin Peay
Sun 2/17/24 1:30 PM vs. Evansville

I do not see any link to video coverage on Evansville’s website.

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Those games with AP must be add-ons. They weren’t on the original schedule. After the first weekend it looks like she picked up the arms we needed to get us back to being a shut-down defense again.

Saturday games cancelled for weather because some genius decided to try to schedule a tournament in Evansville in February.

Currently T34 with 2 votes in the NFCA poll, T36 with 2 votes in the USA Softball poll after the first week of games.


We’re about to run rule Austin Peay, up 14-2 in the 5th. Both teams came in 4-0.

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14-4 final in 5 innings. We only had 8 hits, but 6 were homers.

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Game 2 with Aces about to start. Temp in Evansville is very close to that in Columbia , SC right now.

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We trailed 5-4 after 5 innings, but scored 5 in the 6th and 2 more in the 7th to beat Evansville 11-5. Miami now 6-0.


69 runs scored through 6 games.

Resisting the temptation of making a junior high joke, this offense is impressive.

The next 4 games will be a step up in competition and should test our new pitching staff: UConn,Ole Miss, Clemson, and Oklahoma.


At Clemson and Norman - after one more game today at Evansville

Final game at Evensville in the books. 13-0 RedHawks run rule win after 5 innings. One hit by Aces. They’re probably thanking God and Greyhound we’re gone.


I know Evansville isn’t good, but wow, looks like we could be in for another special season.


It looks like it’s down to 17 undefeated teams.

Miami is at 32 with 6 votes in the NFCA poll and still T36 with 2 votes in the USA Softball poll. Clemson is #9 in both polls. Ole Miss isn’t receiving any votes, but they’ve won 9 in a row since losing their opener to BYU.


And Louisiana just dropped out of the Top 25. We play them in Norman.

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=>SEVEN AND OH. Outscored opponents 70-19.

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