2024 (so-called) off-season thread

It’ll be interesting to see how the season goes with basically the same guys on the team as last year. If they can do significantly better then huge kudos to the coaching staff for bringing it out of them

I agree, but I thought Moulton was the best D-man on the team the second half of the season, and it also potentially gives Miami a captain.

This creates a big log jam at left D, with Feenstra, Demsey, Cox, Moulton and McEwen all looking for minutes. Not sure if one or more can shift to RD.

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4th round draft pick of the Avs. Another solid pickup!


Coming from Boston College too, played a good amount of games there

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But Miami has had a short handed roster for the last couple of years,right?

Ambrosio had a down year last season, likely because of all the young studs at BC. But he played in the National Championship game and was coached (for part of his college career) by the GOAT.


Instant value

Talent wins though. Also, I’m sure Sayler is feeling the pressure to fix the hockey program. Hopefully he acknowledged the risk of bringing in kids who have a little history of poor behavior or marginal ethics.

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I’m under no illusions that Miami recruits angels for its athletic teams or that we don’t make admissions exceptions for them either, but I’m not going to worry too much about a couple of kids he coached at the USHL level. Like I said, Noreen starts with a clean slate at Miami. He’s done a phenomenal job in recruiting so far, and I’m going to trust that these kids will all act as solid members of the community. If some don’t that’s something to worry about then.


Believe me, I’d rather Miami take risks when it comes to recruiting talent. All I meant was that the risk tolerance on the part of leadership and coaches has likely increased as of late.

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Looks like Ryan Williams has decommitted from Miami and will go to RIT instead. Unfortunate, I was really looking forward to having another Ohio local on the team.

Maybe he’ll be like his friend Spencer and come back in a couple years

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In some better news, Albin Nilsson is going pro

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Braedon Ford has decommitted from Miami and will go to Penn State instead.

What’s Noreen cooking up here :face_with_monocle:

Ford is a Berge guy. His brother played for Berge at BUGS. The only surprise is that he didn’t bail sooner.

Back to lurking.


St. Thomas to join NCHC. Cue the Rico Revenge Tour???



Suggests some merit to the rumors of merging with the Summit League perhaps.

Mankato fans must be fuming.

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NCHC release - add St. Thomas

Lagerback to Stonehill