2023 Football Season

The Athletic has published its ranking of the top 10 G5 QB going into the ‘23 season. Grayson McCall at Coastal is #1.

Ohio’s Kurtis Roarke is #5 and Toledo’s Daquan Finn is #7. Brett comes in on the “just missed” list at #14.


Not surprising since he barely played last year.


All three MAC QB on the list missed considerable time due to injury. McCall was also injured.

2023 Roster Anomaly: There are only 7 players on Miami’s roster listed as either Seniors or Redshirt Seniors. 5 of those are transfers. On the other had there are 31 players listed as either Juniors or Redshirt Juniors. Only 6 of those are transfers. It appears Miami might finally have that coveted “Senior-dominated” team in 2024.

Then the author from the Athletic has failed to watch #5 in the past, and/or take note of his career statistics. If healthy he will be one of the top 3 QBs in the MAC, if not #1.

The author has him in the Top 3 MAC QB. I think Roarke might have more of an upside as he’s younger and bigger. But Brett can be definitely quite special the next two seasons if he stays healthy.

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Nice summary of team as of today.


Nice article. I’m pretty certain the Dauch Center is north of Yager, though. Lol


Doesn’t this seem a bit pricey for a ground only package with no game ticket? Doesn’t seem like it’s structured to build a big crowd. Who profits? Miami or the vendor?

We can fly down and back from ILM or MYR for less than $250 total, get a hotel room near the airport, the stadium on on Boca Beach for about $200 a night for two nights and either rent a car or Uber.

I can certainly do it a lot cheaper than $1,900 for two.



if you want someone to handle all of those details then this would be the package for you.

But since you’ve already done all the work, this is not for you.


Yep. I just hope Miami gets a cut!

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Just bought my flights for the Miami-Miami game! Hope to see many there!


Woohoo! I gotta get on that, it’s gonna be here before we know it!

Literally just did that! I’d love to meet all of you on the 50 yard line as soon as we win it on a walk-off kick.


Bleacher Report picks Miami’s D line as best in the MAC. They also pick UC’s D line as best in the Big 12. Take the under when we get together at Nippert!

And the last paragraph of this article is disturbing. Has a pattern developed?

MAC: Miami Redhawks
6 OF 10 conferences

Miami boasted the MAC’s best run defense in 2022, and the entire unit is back for another year.

The starting group—from end to end—will likely include Brian Ugwu, Austin Ertl, Kobe Hilton and Caiden Woullard. Corey Suttle and Ty Wise played significant snaps last season, too. All six players contributed at least 24 tackles and combined for 31.5 stops for loss.

Nasir Washington and Anthony Collier didn’t hold as large a role, but they offer more experienced depth.

Even if Miami doesn’t reach its potential and contend for a MAC crown, the Redhawks should be a thorn defensively each week.

Miami tied with Toledo with 14 on the Athlon All Mac Preseason Team:


But not a single RedHawk on the first teams.

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Some definite bulletin board material…



I don’t know if you had a typo or I am missing something but rating the MAC 6 out of 10 conferences is a very good thing.