2023 Coaching Carousel


Ohio State is throwing so much money at football, it’s gonna be hysterical when they don’t win the national title in 2024


Fleck would play very well at UCLA…rowing the boat and all that stuff will appeal to the LA crowd.

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David Shaw’s name is also in the mix.

Chip just realized as irrelevant as they were in the PAC12, they’ll be even more so in the B10+?

I never liked them but you’d have to drive all over the Midwest from Chicago to Lincoln to see as much FBS talent as you can see from Mulholland Drive. Other than their elite academics and the fact that their iconic stadium is an hour from Westwood, there is no reason why they can’t finish in the middle third of the Big 10 almost every year.

And Rutgers would be elite if they could get the NJ recruits to all stay home. It helps to be local to the talent, but top teams are recruiting nationally so UCLA has to compete against USC and a couple dozen other top teams for any top LA talent.

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And recruiting is something Chip hated. The Bruins aren’t likely to make that mistake twice.

Funny how it seemed the carousel had shut down then BC opens up which effectively opened up UCLA which could open up Minnesota. Can’t get off the carousel just yet.

Wrong string

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He’s been telling anyone who will listen for the past few years that he hates being a head coach in the current environment and would rather just be an offense nerd. My guess is he made some deal with Day that he’ll never have to recruit ever. (And it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he’ll make more money as a coordinator at OSU than as HC at UCLA.)


I read he is taking a $4m a year paycut. But if he calls fun plays he might be happier.


Also OSU has cash to burn, they can afford a bunch of analysts to supplement the main coaching staff so Kelly can focus on game planning and playcalling instead of recruiting.


According to this article, Miami has hired a new DB coach. Seems like a good young coach, but I wasn’t aware that we needed a DB coach. Thought we needed to replace our WR and LB coaches. So I’m a little confused.


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They probably reassigned positions between the defensive coaches

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He is Myles White’s brother.


Georgia State is two days into spring practice. GSU coach Shawn Elliott has suddenly resigned to coach TEs at South Carolina. :grimacing:

Blanton is immature and we would be better suited for a less important role on the team.

Imo more and more college head coaches in the modern landscape of NIL and transfer portal are gonna say F it at this rate. If you can make the same or more money as a P5 assistant a lot of folks are gonna bounce if they’re unwilling/unable to adjust.

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Elliott was previously a long time South Carolina assistant. He had this weird setup where the rest of his family stayed in Columbia because his kids were still in school. He spent like 3-4 nights a week in Columbia somehow. I don’t know if he had the use of a booster’s plane to commute or what. But I can definitely see that being a huge reason to say screw it.

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