2023 Coaching Carousel

Jimbo Fisher out at Texas A&M. Paying him $75 million to go away

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Wow…just wow!

Jimbo just scored a “Jumbo package.”

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Texas AM kind of reminds me of Boss Hog from The Dukes of Hazard. He’s always scheming but never ends up on top. Kevin Sumerlin went like 11-2 and then was fired two years later there. Just totally out of touch with their place in the national championship landscape.

They just played their best game of the year last night.



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Yeah! It’s like give us just the interest you’d earn on that 75mm. Even at 4% for one year. It would be like 3mm and that would go a long way to helping a ton of sports at MU. It’s absolutely insane the money these donors throw around.

What’s more tragic is that A&M thinks it’s an elite program….

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Oil Money


Any program with enough fan support to fill a stadium more than 80K people (let alone 100K) will, even if it’s probably not happening for A&M, Nebraska, etc.

Weird timing coming after a win, but I suppose the admin/boosters decided it was time to pull the trigger and don’t want to risk a few wins to end the season with momentum at 8-4 to prolong the Jimbo era.

Andy Avalos out at Boise St.

At least A&M is funded by boosters instead of student fees.

CM to A&M?

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Milkshakes for everyone!

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With their facilities, money and commitment they ought to be elite. Yet they haven’t won even a conference championship since 1998.

Zach Arnett out at Mississippi State. Both coaches from the MSU-A&M game this past weekend are now unemployed.

25 years later (damn) and that is still one of the most wild and entertaining conference championship games (and overall championship weekends) in college football history.

So A&M can hang its hat on that, at least.

Brady Hoke retiring at SDSU. Haven’t liked him since he called timeout to kick a FG to pad his lead against our 18 game losing streak team with 30 seconds left at Michigan in 2014.

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And the fact that it’s spent more money to ensure futility than anyone else in college football.

In somewhat related news, David Braun is making a strong case to become Northwestern’s permanent HC.

He has the Wildcats at 5-5 with a good chance to become bowl eligible in next two weeks.

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