Wright State at Miami - Thursday night

Might as well get this started.

The long range weather forecast for Thursday night, in all of Ohio and Indiana, is not good. Lots of rain with a potential for a flash freeze to inches of snow on Thursday into Friday with temperatures dropping from the 40°’s to single digits and wind chills in the -20°’s. So all this bad weather would be hitting around game time.

Here’s hoping the weather holds off or the game gets moved up to Wednesday evening.


As of now, this game is still on. Raiders are favored by 2.5. Like Bellarmine, they beat Louisville by 1 back in November. WSU started the season 5-2 before dropping four straight and then beating NAIA Northwestern Ohio on Saturday to sit at 6-6 going into our matchup tonight. We are the third and final MAC opponent for them (BG 80-71 W, Akron 54-66 L). Tonight is their fourth true road game (they are 1-2). We are 4-3 at home.

Stats breakdown (per College Basketball Reference)

WSU 78.3 (74th nationally out of 363)
MU 74.9 (143rd)

Opp. PPG
WSU 71.2 (248th)
MU 75.6 (327th)

WSU 36.1 (168th)
MU 32.2 (324th)

Opp. Rebounds
WSU 32.8 (115th)
MU 34.2 (185th)

WSU 50.1% (15th)
MU 43.1% (252nd)

Opp. FG%
WSU 43.3% (219th)
MU 47.5% (346th)

WSU 34.4% (160th)
MU 35.4% (125th)

Opp. 3pt%
WSU 33.9% (227th)
MU 38.3% (347th)

WSU 67.5% (276th)
MU 83.0% (1st)

In short, our defense currently stinks.


I’ll put the over/under on attendance at 250.5 fans in the stands. Real physical people, not tickets sold

Looks like the rain will change over to snow around half time.

NIU upset Indiana State by 10 on the road this afternoon, while Akron was getting blown out at Bradley.

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9 to 8 Miami at the first media TO.

Wow, that’s indeed a pretty big upset for the Huskies. ISU kind of been skidding since beating up on us.

Miami up 11-9 with 13:49 to go in the 1st.

Not thrilled with this officiating and neither is Steele.

Safford and Mirambeaux both got hammered on the shots they made

We are up 17 - 13 at the 12 and under TO. WSU,s star Trey Calvin did not start but quickly has 5 points. Lairie is out with 2 early fouls.




Getting sloppy

Extremely bad play by Miami last few minutes.

Really started to panic when they didn’t get a couple calls and missed a few easy shots.

19 to 19 at the 8 and other TO. We are turning it over.

26 to 22 Raiders, TO RedHawks, 6 minutes left, Calvin with 10.

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We continue to have issues on defense.

31 to 27 WSU with 3 minutes to go.

I wouldn’t mind winning that free McDonald’s for life.


If you told me we could play as horrible of a 10 minutes in the middle as we did and only be down 5, I’d take it. If we play like we did the other 10 minutes, we can win pretty comfortably. We’re also capable of letting the game get away if we fall asleep again. Hopefully not going into the half with as bad of foul trouble as it could’ve been will help how we play.