WMU Game Week 2023

Western rolled up 413 yards vs Miss State. Another good team we have to play. 3 in a row.

I wouldn’t say WMU is a good team, they somehow gave up 41 points to Iowa. Better than expected for sure since they were reasonably competitive against Toledo and Mississippi State when most picked them for the bottom of the West, but we should still beat these guys by 3+ possessions. Take nothing for granted, take care of business, and head back to Oxford at 6-1 for Toledo.



WMU is in the BG group of teams that have some talent and the potential to put it together on any given Saturday. But if you play sound football and don’t beat yourself, you will beat those teams 9/10 times.


H. Wolff 27/35 262 3 1

That’s the stat line for the QB they brought in to replace Jack Salopek. Wolff is a pass first QB. I am guessing that’s who we see. We need to clamp down on their running game, put pressure on Wolff and take advantage of their somewhat depleted OL and punish their receivers.

If we csn do that we should be OK in Kazoo if we take care of our own business on Offense.

We open -10 similar to BG

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Just listened to CM’s Monday presser. He certainly has a unique style.


He’s very entertaining. I find myself laughing, a lot. I don’t think most people understand how close to crazy he is :joy:. Makes for a good coach most of the time.

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For anyone attending:

Section G is for Miamians if you just want to get tix at the gate.


He’s quite entertaining when he goes off on his fact-laden five-minute, non-stop rants - especially when he laments our traditional OOC scheduling - and seems close to tears.

Of note is that he constantly refers to Miami as a “pretty good MAC team.” The MAC is clearly where his focus is. I suppose you can’t really fault him for that too much because that is the conference Miami plays in.

I think I heard him say a pretty good G5 team just once. This season we appear to be a pretty good G5 team, too.


As we ha e seen through Chuck’s tenure, no MAC game can be taken for granted. Let’s hope w stay with the quick passing game along w a steady run game.

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Saw Miami favored by 8.5 earlier this morning.

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Not surprised to see the line shrink. It’s supposed to be cold and wet.

WMU is averaging 76 plays per game! That’s 19 more than us…Is this possible? Interesting to note that we are now the most run heavy team in the MAC and average more time of possession per play than anyone else. Obviously it is working but this is the opposite of the identity that we were told to expect.

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I don’t remember CM saying anything about our identity except that he wanted it to be balanced. Which is exactly what we are. We finally have an offense that can score points in a multitude of ways.

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Time of possession and number of plays for Miami games is because we hike the ball late more consistently than any other college football team that I am aware of. When ahead a couple of scores as early as the third quarter we start running the play clock down whenever there is a running clock. Last week both BG and Miami had only 7 possessions. We fumbled once, we punted once, kicked 2 fg’s, and scored 3 TD’s. Considering it was a league game against a team that beat us last year and also scored 38 straight points vs Georgia Tech in a win the week before, it was amazing ball control and domination by the special teams and the defense and the offense.


Heading that way after work tomorrow as I’m hoping to get some work done on the house. I’ve been to a game against OSU and a few at Nippert, but it’s the first time I’ve been to an away MAC game.


Uniform combo for WMU


This is Western’s Homecoming Weekend. That ups the ante for them. Here are a couple items from their Game Notes this week. Hayden Wolff, the ODU transfer QB, adds a dimension to the Broncos’ offense that they haven’t had for a while. Wolff is 6’5 235 (Ben’s size).

As Dick said, it’s time to halt this streak of losses to WMU.


  • Saturday is the 64th meeting between the Broncos and the RedHawks, with Miami leading the all-time series at 37-24-1.

  • HOWEVER, the Broncos have won each of the last eight games stretching back to 2006.

  • Four of those eight wins by the Broncos have been by six points or less.


Western Michigan quarterback Hayden Wolff saw this most playing time for the Broncos since transferring from Old Dominion in the summer. Wolff made his WMU debut at Syracuse, going 3-for-9 passing for 47 yards.

Last weekend against Mississippi State he was inserted into the game late in the second quarter and immediately made an impact, leading the Broncos down the field for their first touchdown. Wolff finished 27-for-35 in the air with 262 yards and three touchdowns. His 77.1 completion percentage was the highest by a Bronco quarterback in 18 games since Kaleb Eleby went 21-for-26 (80.8 percent) in a win at Northern Illinois on Nov. 23, 2021.