Wilberforce at Miami Friday at 7:00

First and foremost, I am disappointed to see that no coverage on ESPN+ is listed on our website or on watch ESPN. I don’t know what the issues are ( possibly lack of available personnel?), but I find it disappointing. I guess you will have to be there to see our team.

Wilberforce is 5 and 10 and I think they have a game on Thursday night before playing us. While we have been discussing playing time leading into the start of the MAC season, none of that applies to this game. This should be a last chance to get some of our Freshman significant time and maybe even play the 5 freshmen together for awhile. Hopefully everybody will get 15 minutes or more in this game. 200 available minutes divided by 11 players comes out to an average of a little over 18 minutes.

I looked up Wilberforce on Wikipedia and it is an interesting read. Wilberforce is a small town about 3 miles outside of Xenia and the University is located across the street from Central State ( of interest, as a college freshman Darweshi Hunter played for Central State and they played Miami in Oxford and he had a big game against us ). Wilberforce is an historically important institution as it opened in 1856, just a few years before the Civil War started, and was the first historical black college in the U.S., owned and operated by the African Methodist church. This was a time when Abolitionists were a powerful force in Ohio and it had the support of Abolitionists. It was also a time when it was commonly thought that Blacks were not capable of learning and being highly educated. One of the largest groups of the first students were mixed race kids from the South sent by slave owners who claimed these kids as their own.

In 1865 arsonists burned most of the buildings down but white abolishionists, led by Ohio Governor Salmon Chase came up with the money to rebuild the university.


New head coach Mark Mitchell comes from a one year stint at Taft High, where I would think he coached Eian Elmer. He had also coached at Taft before leaving for a position at Ohio State.

His daughter Kelsey was a star at OSU and the second overall pick in the 2018 WNBA draft.


This game was missed in submitting schedule to the mother ship. It is being added and will be on ESPN3 or ESPN+. Sorry for the miss.


Dick, excellent write up!

Ever see the movie “Amaxing Grace” about William Wilberforce and his life? It’s quite fascinating.


Many times while reading HawkTalk, I find myself getting less intelligent. But with your write-up Dick, I find myself being more informed and perhaps even more intelligent. :grin:

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HawkTalk going into the game today:



  • Poor shooting night (missed open 3’s and layups) against Vermont, but executed down the stretch
  • Late in games, should miss free throws long. Vermont got bit by that
  • Felt team played well enough to win against Wright State, but just had turnovers that led to easy transition points
  • Players will learn from the failure and showed it against Vermont
  • Defensive rebounding and turnovers have been trending in the right direction
  • Getting Mirambeaux back is huge. Miami is a top 10 shooting team. Do you double him and let someone shoot an open 3 or let him work your big man 1v1?
  • He’s still catching up to game speed
  • Defense is doing well, now the offense is getting more dynamic
  • Vermont triple-teamed him at times
  • Mirambeaux had his best academic semester ever
  • First time team has had >3.0 gpa in over a decade!
  • Really like how Steele understands time/situation in games. Really shows in how the team handled Vermont
  • Ipsaro just fights and has the will to win
  • He got fouled on that 3 he made at the end of the game
  • Steele has known about him since 5th grade



  • Hunter struggled in the first half but didn’t flinch
  • Team came back the 26th to have a practice
  • Steele impressed with how the team has handled the break even though nothing is happening in Oxford right now
  • Knows Wilberforce’s coach. Was assistant for OSU women’s team and coached at Taft
  • Wilberforce will trap and press all game
  • Has only watched one WMU game this season (takes the season one game at a time)
  • WMU rebounds on offense and runs
  • MAC non-conference records don’t mean much because teams schedule so differently
  • Steele wants a better than .500 OOC record, but feels team is way better than last year
  • There’s no reason with the trajectory that Miami can’t win the conference
  • Can count the number of freshman Miami has really played against on one hand. Thinks this will be huge for all the guys going into year 2, especially Elmer

No Lewis, otherwise all hands on deck.

Ice cold to start.

17-4 Miami just under 13 minutes left in half.

22-9 at the under 12 minute TO.

Might as well watch the game tonight

Lot of tired players.

No cheerleaders, so no Tshirt toss. I’ll be inquiring about a refund.

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Haven’t been able to watch, but we’re up 57-32 at the half. Eleven RedHawks have played, and all have scored.

What was the technical for

Kicked the ball out of frustration.

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Ipsaro kind of kicked a loose ball after a whistle for a foul and it went down to the other end of the floor

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Great no look assist by Mirambeaux.

Chuck Martin rockin’ the hoodie. Heading out, calling it at the 11:08 mark. 87-44.