Which sports betting app is the best?

In the state of Ohio we’re FINALLY being allowed to do online sports gambling. So I’m looking for the best app to use. Right now I’ve been looking at Bet MGM, Caesar’s, Barstool Sports, and Fan Duel. There’s a bunch of other sites bombarding Ohio, too. So which is best with getting money back to you on wins?

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I’ve used DraftKings and Fanduel and have been a fan of both. DraftKings used to have a much better UI, but Fanduel closed the gap fairly recently. I still alternate between the two sometimes, but still use DraftKings more (it may also be because I just have more money in that account). I’m not really sure about the others. I’ve heard good things about Barstool. I think they offer a decent amount of boosts and promotions. I would also look around for good sign up promos, as there are typically pretty solid deals.

I went ahead and signed up for the Barstool app. I think the promo offer was for $100 in free bets or something along those lines. I mainly chose Barstool because I’m a fan of the Pardon My Take podcast.

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Big Cat’s coffee is shockingly good!

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Also, Hard Rock Casino is moving into Southwestern Ohio

Looking at offers, MGMBet is offering $200 in free bets with no deposit. I need to read the fine print, though.

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Unless you have access to a fancy algorithm, you’re not going to win much on DK or FD. The dudes who win the big payouts are math wizards who play as a group. Not to say regular people don’t win small amounts, they do. Just a sharky landscape. It depends on your true knowledge of sports and betting. And to some degree probability. If you are new to the space fantasy prop betting is much simpler. Smaller winnings to be had but in some ways, more fun.

He means spreads, not daily fantasy. But you are correct. The common man has zero chance of winning at daily.


Props are better for the average fan. It’s just you against the house.

Index funds and precious metals are even better.


He right.

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Suckers. I’m putting all my assets into crypto and Tesla stock.


It’s like “fool me once crypto currency, shame on you. Fool me 632 times, shame on you many times over.”

Found this rundown of some offers on Google

Ohio sports betting promos: Get $800+ in bonus offers pre-launch - mlive.com

Get all your offers (at least the ones worth it to you), then bet on whichever one has the best odds for the game you want. They’ll sometimes differ on point spreads and other odds. As for payouts, I’ve never waited more than 24 hours for the money to be in my account.


I placed an order (day limit) at $105 this week but it never made it to that level. I’ll look back on that and be incredibly happy or incredibly sad.

Opening day here in Ohio. Steelers ML is the first pick on the board.

Dumb question from online newbie. I signed up for DK. I don’t see future bets. Can you only bet on events for current day?

Click on the league you want to bet on at the top. It’s already showing the NFL games for Jan 8 on my side. There are some leagues (college basketball is one) where the lines typically only come out the day of.

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Almost Free $50 from multiple sites on Browns game (score 1 point). 7 minutes left to get it.

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