What Dorm Did You Live In?

Just curious…For those that lived in dorms…

75-76 - Dennison
76-77 - Scott
77-78 - Scott
78-89 - Elliott
79-80 - Elliott

Scott was co-ed (by floor). Got a single room in Elliott both years. Great location.

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So I guess we’ve officially given up on the season?


Anderson 1987-88
Brandon 1988-89
Then off campus

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Season just getting started. Football schedule announced today.

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Stanton Hall

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Dennison 89-90
Brandon 90-91
Brandon 91-92
Off campus 92-93

Dennison 75-76, then off campus.

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Dennison 1977-'78
Scott 1978-'79

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Morris 74-75.
Off campus thereafter.

Dennison 86-87
Hepburn 87-88
Off campus.

Noticing a lot of Dennison here.

Dorsey 12-13
Heritage Commons (Reid) 13-14
Level 27 apartments 14-15
Red Fox house on Oberlin Ct 15-16

Symmes - 05-06
Hahn - 06-08
Fischer - 08-09 (Heritage Commons)

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Anderson 72-73
Anderson (RA) 73-74
House on Chestnut Street 74-76

Hepburn-2 years

Reid Hall 1981-82. Off campus thereafter. Interesting fact, as a former townie, I have seen almost all of my schools/residences disappear since I graduated from Miami:

Hanna House nursery school: no longer in existence
McGuffey Lab School: no longer in existence
Talawanda High School (original Chestnut St. building): torn down
Reid Hall: torn down
Phi Psi house: no longer a fraternity house (but still standing…barely)

Only my apartment from Senior year in New England Square remains. I’m the “Bad Luck Shleprock” of Oxford school buildings!

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Sure seems like it.

Collins 01-02
Thompson 02-04
Off campus 04-05

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I might add…I spent part of a night in Fisher Hall. I did not see Ron Tammen.

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Symmes, 1959-60
Ogden, 1960-63

Morris 1994-95
Hahne 1995-96
Miami Commons 96-98, followed by a summer at U Commons while I was avoiding becoming an adult…I mean, trying to find a real job (which I actually avoided even longer by getting a GA position at UC for a year :upside_down_face: ).

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