Western Michigan

Well we know we win next game. Home game! Put this week behind us and maybe, just maybe we do something different with the offense .

With this program nothing is assured until the game clock hits all zeros.

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Even then, I look around just to make sure it really happened.


Miami opens favored by 6 at home against a struggling 2-5 WMU squad just blown out in Kalamazoo by Ohio. Vegas doesn’t have much confidence in us either.

Well to be fair, look at our numbers on offense, they are pretty offensive…you are required to score some points to win in this modern era.

So I think Vegas gets a pass. What’s concerning is that I believe that the staff, QB, O and OC felt like they had a great plan going into BG, and it yielded sub-200 yards in total…


23 points in the last 7 quarters is Miami’s “offense”. How could anyone feel this team had a great offensive game plan?

concerning, don’t you think…I guess we’ll see what’s next, not sure I’ll be watching anything live, though.

Game is on CBSN I think.


“23 points in the last 7 quarters is Miami’s “offense”. How could anyone feel this team had a great offensive game plan?”

Our “offense” is rather offensive wouldn’t you say?

For those who have said that Martin is, for some reason, infatuated with Aveon do you still think that’s the case after Saturday?

I know we don’t see him every day in practice but what the hell are we all missing that #2 or #3 can’t do any better and at least get a shot?


One thing we don’t know is whether Aveon can catch the football. If he can, he’d make one Hell of a slot receiver.

I don’t know that CM is “infatuated “ with Smith. I just think he loves his attitude and work ethic and knows he is doing the best he can. Being a coach is hard, especially these kinds of decisions. Aveon has no chance of playing QB in the NFL. However, with his toughness, work ethic and attitude, I could see him switching to a receiver and making a huge impact. I think CM/ EK are buying time until Gabbert is back. Hopefully that is soon!

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Well here’s the recap and preview…whatever I suppose, CM seems to have acknowledged (in his own way) that his offense is a major weakness at moment.

PS M. Dowell seems like a kid with great outlook…attitude.

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We had an offensive game plan?


Very offensive one! Lol

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The Battle of the Salopeks…who comes out on top!

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We get Randy Cross as the color analyst. I like him.


Will be interesting to learn from the guys on the board who show up at Yager this Saturday just who are the players among our walking wounded. I saw LaBounty in street clothes on camera at the Kent game. He’d been getting some ST playing time. I didn’t even know he was banged up. Wondering who else is in the MASH.

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Pretty sure LaBounty has been out for a while.

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Score prediction for Saturday: Miami 42. Western Michigan 17

Cancer awareness helmets being auctioned off.

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