Western Michigan at Miami 7:00 Tuesday

ESPN3. Western Michigan is 4-19 ( 0-12). Miami is 9-13 ( 3-8). We have lost 5 straight games by double digits since Dalonte Brown went down. The first time we played Western we won by 8, but were only up by 3 with 2:22 to go. Dalonte hit a big three late and led us with 15 points. I would not count this as a win until we show that we can actually do that without Brown. Lamarr Norman had 26 the first time we played them and is averaging over 20ppg. Markeese Hastings averaged 9 points and 9 rebounds per game.

This will be our 3rd game in 5 days and we looked really down walking off the court after Sunday’s game. No other team is going to feel sorry for us and the Broncos have been flirting with a win lately and are hungry to get that first league win. We need to come out working hard and take control right off the bat and not give them the idea that they could win.

2 bad teams. At home should be a win. With this team and coach a loss would not be a surprise.

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Line is MU -10.5. We have lost 10 straight ATS dating back to Buffalo. We did not cover up in Kalamazoo. Overall we’re 5-14 ATS.

Seems impossible that we are favored that much…yet this is one where you go…who knows, loss 5 in a row a win could be brewing…

Doubt it, but these lines make no sense. Is Dalonte back?

Almost 3 minutes in and the score is 1-0. Difficult to watch.

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This continues to be bad basketball.

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Was trying to decide whether to watch this or switch over to the olympics. A few minutes in and my decision has been made.

Not sure whether Miami basketball or the downhill skiing event next to the Beijing nuclear plant is more radioactive right now.

Just peeped the halftime score. We’re definitely not covering, and there’s a good chance Western gets their first (only?) MAC win of the season. We trail the 17th worst team in the country (per NET), at home, 30-24. We’re 4-16 from 3 and 9-27 overall. -6 on the boards. Put simply, this is appalling.

2 free throws at the half. 4-16 from three. A lot of coaches would recognize a problem there.

Used the mid-range game to come back and take the lead then started hoisting up threes and gave up the last nine points in the first half to trail by 6.

Harrison started and took 1 shot. Was he hurt?

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Besides the Buffalo game I wonder if you could make a case that this team has gotten worse every single game

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I know it’s been pretty much established that Jack isn’t going anywhere until his contract runs out, but if we bottom out and don’t win any more games this season, does that change anything? Cuz it really could happen.

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There’s a game tonight?

I am not positive that he wont be let go - Sayler would have to fundraise the buyout - but he could do that

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Miami winter season athletics is going to drive up the demand for Prozac.

Keep playing Avance


We lead

The problem is that it takes very little for him to hold on for another season. We’ve seen it before- a couple wins late in the year, an upset, a win in the tournament, etc.

I really believe if a handful of fans let Sayler know that this performance does not represent what Miami strives to be as an institution, he will feel some heat.