Hey all,

I’m going to be making changes to the site on the fly. It should come together quickly. Let me know any recommendations you have.


Glad to be here!

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Where’s the beer?


I have top men on it.

Looks great so far. Thanks for setting this up!

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On a certain level it sucks that it had to come to this. But considering how the old board was basically left for dead, this move was seemingly inevitable. I hope posters will continue to migrate.

Thanks for getting this set up


what’s up folks

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Knee-jerk contradiction is not allowed. I will try my best.



Not sure how big of an ask this is, but I’ve always thought it would nice to have the functionality to include polls when starting a new thread. Just an idea

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Turned on developer tools and it looks good on several of the mobile setups. Didn’t test them all though.

Tried to pick something that was mobile friendly. Just from testing it out, there doesn’t seem to be any loss of functionality on mobile.

I also like the WCAG options too. Great to be 508 compliant if possible.


Thanks for looking out for our future.

Will the soft drinks be well carbonated?

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I’m here.

Polls can be created by clicking the gear icon above the text box.

Is this a poll?

  • Yes
  • Definitely yes
  • What is a poll

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More info on creating a poll: How to Create Polls - faq - Discourse Meta

Very nice! Thanks

Looking forward to what the new Miami Hawk talk will be come.

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