Week #11 MACtion

Go Miami! Beat Akron!

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16.5 point favorites


Frist thing I can say about Week 11 MACTION is that the weather looks much more promising than Week 10. Neither division race is decided yet, but Toledo and Miami both have an edge, they just need to avoid one or two of those upsets which seem to happen every year in the MAC. Toledo, Miami, and Ohio all have double digit wins in their sights and have already clinched Bowl eligibility.

Election Night Tuesday November 7

Ball State @ Northern Illinois 7:00 CBSSN

Central Michigan @ Western Michigan 7:00 ESPNU

Ohio @ Buffalo 7:30 ESPN2

Wednesday November 8

Akron @ Miami 7:00 ESPNU

Bowling Green @ Kent 7:00 CBSSN

Eastern Michigan @ Toledo 7:30 ESPN2

The other thing to watch for and something we have dealt with most seasons is that a bunch of teams are trying to get Bowl eligible. BG and Central have 5 wins, NIU and Eastern have 4 wins, Buffalo and Western have 3 wins…3 games to go. Tuesday night also features one of the MAC traditional rivalry games with Central at Western.

Buffalo opens with an almost 8 minute penalty-aided drive but ran out of downs deep in Ohio territory. Ohio’s about to get its first possession.

Ohio three and out.

Buffalo is more into it. Luginbill is vastly underprepared to do commentary on the game.

Lugs is a busy, busy man!

Ohio’s body language isn’t good. They don’t appear to want any part of this game.

The two-quarterback system Buffalo plays is what we could have played this year

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OU threatening.

At the risk of drawing the ire of the Sackman, the last thing we need is a rejuvenated Buffalo who beats OU tonight.

And OU settles for FG to tie it up at 3.

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This is not very MACtion-like

This is a horrible game. I think we cursed Ohio just like we did to Cincinnati.


That’s the power of the Chakarron Macarron. I honestly doubt they win another game. It’s a true mind melt.

So do we kind of want Ohio to win?


Absolutely want them to win, then we can just beat Akron and Ball St to make it to Detroit. Don’t want the game versus Buffalo to be a must win game.


We already have the tie-breaker with OU.

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The middle of this league is so damn mediocre it’s actually hilarious. No lead is safe

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Looks like OU will pull it out. I certainly wouldn’t have been sad if they lost, but I am glad they beat UB for the sake of our East hunt.

At one time tonight, briefly, all 3 games were tied in the 4th quarter. MACTION! Ball State and Western , both with losing records, win trophies tonight. We still need to win at least 2 more games to clinch the East. Both Central and NIU put their bowl chances in Jeopardy.

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