Week #11 MACtion

All three teams we play have now lost their potential for bowl eligibility. That means they’re all dangerous spoilers. The game each of them plays against us will be their bowl game.

We really should be able to win all three remaining games (and extremely disappointing if we don’t), but now we just need to win 2 outta 3 to clinch the MAC East and finish 9-3. That said, sure would love to see us get to 10-2 regular season record.

Getting to MACC should improve our chances of a better bowl slot and opponent, and hopefully remove the probability of having to play in Detroit at the Quick Lane. Let NIU, CMU, and EMU slug it out to get to 6-6 for the reward of playing their bowl game in Michigan.

I’d say they’re less dangerous now. Sure, they’d like to play spoiler, but I feel they’d be more dangerous if they had something real to play for like a bowl game.

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To me, a win over OU would have given Buffalo alot of momentum and confidence coming into our game (plus as mentioned that shot at a bowl berth). Doesn’t mean they still won’t be dangerous, though…as history has shown us, on a given night, any MAC team can win or lose…

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That may be true to an extent, but as noted by others I’d rather them be fighting only for pride than an actual bowl spot (and the remote chance at a winning record).

Hoping that if/when we clinch that Chuck doesn’t act like it’s the NFL Week 18 and rest our starters ala 2019, getting to 10 regular season wins would be a big accomplishment and there are no guarantees we’ll get to double digits in the MACC or bowl. Also the MAC hasn’t sent a division champ to Detroit since BG in 2013, we’re probably clear if/when we win the East.


Stay paranoid until you have the trophy you want in hand. Consider Akron, Buffalo and Ball State as being out to ruin our season!

The Redbird Rivalry dildo will always be ours.

So “provocative”…


Speaking of which, are you livestreaming your crew’s adventures in the Emerson Hall (or wherever it was because my memory is shot) basement tonight?


No cameras. What happens in the Emerson basement, stays in the basement.

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Oh geez. So help me if we win the next two and then punt in Muncie.

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The best chance of playing a P5 team is the Quick Lane. It would also probably be the Bowl game we would bring the most people. Other good things about it would be easy access off the highway, plenty of parking since both the Tigers and Lions play in that area, Greek Town restaurants and some sports bars very close by, plus a couple of casinos in the area. Indoor NFL stadium. It is by far the best cold weather site. I know all the negatives ( players and band and coaches and all of our fans wanting a warmer weather site) but this site has some advantages.


We did exactly that when Gabbert was a freshman, but we did win the MACC a week later.

I remember, but who’s to say they won because they rested? A MAC title is priority, but 10 wins is up there, too. One of those could be accomplished before even getting to Detroit.

I hear you, but are you just stating your preference or are you predicting what Chuck is going to do? After the UC win he talked about how many people cared more about that game than anything else, but he clearly stated that his ultimate goal every season is to win a MAC championship.

I guess it’s kind of both? My preference is that we compete in every game we play. I can’t predict what Chuck will do, though as you noted, there is a precident.

Get big leads early at home the next two weeks and then get lots of backups at all positions - including Hesson and McLeod - some meaningful reps.

Terrion Stewart out for BG tonight.

This is a throwback to the 70’s Golden Era where we’d have 14 passes in a game. They have absolutely no confidence with AS throwing the ball. Moving forward everyone knows it. Will be lots of 8 or 9 in the box. This is the kind of game we should be flinging it. Get him some passes and hopefully some confidence. Then run Amos down their throats. Run the big man!