Resuming conference play with a series against the second worst team in the NCHC. They are 1-6-1 to our 1-7.

Matt Barry got us started with a goal off a rebound. Still 1-0, 2 minutes left in the first.

CC scores twice to make it 2-1 in the second.

4-1 after a couple of CC power play goals. Now they’ll have a major power play as well, we Crowder given the boot for kneeing. Not a great second period so far, and we are only a little over halfway through it.

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We are apparently god awful. I have tickets for tomorrow and I’m not sure if it’s worth the drive

You’ll have to excuse me since I’m a hoops fan first then football, but didn’t we hire a HC somewhat recently who is pretty good and we were excited about? Is that just not working out, or do we need more time to undo the recent damage?

Insert Lurker’s standard rant about our coaching staff.

Back to lurking.


Welp. 5-1 loss.


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I think more time is needed, we’re only in the third season of Bergeron but I think progress has been slower than people expected/wanted.

I will say, one thing that has hurt us this season is Persson is definitely having a sophomore slump. I don’t want to put all of the blame on him since he doesn’t deserve it, the team is playing poorly around him, but it’s pretty noticeable.

Last season by save percentage he was the 13th best goalie in the nation at 0.925. This season he’s fallen to 64th (out of 72) at 0.883. We’re playing slightly better (but still bad) defense in front of him, letting up 32.3 shots per 60 mins versus 35.7 last year but his GAA has gone from 2.67 to 3.78.

Here’s an interesting stat to me: Last year we were 4-2-1 when scoring 3 or more goals a game. So far this season we are 4-7.

It’s not sustainable to rely on a goalie to carry a team but if Persson had continued playing at the same great level he was at last season than we’d probably looking a bit better record.


Thanks for the breakdown/analysis MooreHawk.


Guess Chris won’t last long

Thought about this a bit after the game tonight and I am willing to give Bergeron a pass for last year and maybe this year, because gestures towards everything coaching during a global pandemic isn’t the easiest thing to do.

The stress, the changes in schedule and everything else last year? There has to be some leeway there.


Why? It’s not like other programs are having this issue. We are the worst by a mile in the conference. Other programs seem to have figured out these challenges. Chris has been successful before and I am hopeful he will be here but time is sure running out to figure that out.

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I haven’t watched enough this year to get an impression of what’s going wrong but I do know you build a winning hockey team from the back up. Giving up 5 goals to the second worst team in the conference is a good sign lots of work needs to be done in net and on the blue line.

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I think the argument would be that if your program is already running at a high level it’s easier to keep things going. So for example, if you have a reputation for being a good team then it’s easier to recruit guys even when on-campus/in-person recruiting was restricted for so long. On the other hand as a team with a new coach, I think we are more reliant on getting guys talking in person to coaches and in Oxford to see campus. I think there is something to that.

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Both teams have scored twice: 2-2 in the first intermission

This has been brutal to watch. Seems like we are just a step behind. Defense can’t seem to get to the spot they need to be in and the offense can’t seem to string passes together…. It’s almost like they haven’t played together. Lucky to be 2-2 at this point I’d say.

We are
On a 5 min power play. I almost didn’t call it that as this is one of the worst power plays I’ve ever seen. Just lethargic and uncoordinated. Jeesh. Not asking for much but a little urgency would be nice…

Here with my two young boys….we don’t seem to have anyone that can do much with the puck

Goal! Finally did something with it…So we need to score some more…. 3-2

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I didn’t realize every single play is reviewed….my god…