Toledo men at Miami Tuesday night at 7

Toledo has a long winning streak against us. I don’t actually know how long, and both schools are kind of late getting out their pregame. They are going for their 3rd consecutive MAC regular season championship although they are a game behind both Kent and Akron. They are very good offensively and are actually 3rd in the nation at over 85ppg.The Rockets are 15-6 (6-2) while Miami continues to struggle in close games and have dropped to 7-14 (1-7). in their most recent game on Saturday, they drilled rival Bowling Green before just under 7,000 fans at Savage Arena.

Toledo’s starters:

6-2 JR Ray Jay Dennis 18.5ppg 5.9apg
6-7 JR JT Shumate 18.0ppg 91.8%ft 54%fg 42% threes
6-7SR Setric Milner 15.0ppg 6.2rpg
6-4 SOPH Ra’Heim Moss 8,0ppg
6-2 SOPH Dante Maddox Jr 11.1ppg

6-2 JR Tyler Cochrane averaged 9.2ppg but is out for the year with an injury. Of those 6 guys, I think Moss is the only one who is not a transfer.

In this long losing streak, we have been blown out a few times. While most of the games have been competitive, but Toledo has pulled them out, which has kind of been the story of our team this season.

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Always look forward to your pregame reports. I appreciate your time and effort.
Thank you.

Dick, I searched my posts from last year and found this gem. I assume it’s accurate within a game or two…

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#340 in scoring defense, 78.4 per game.

So what happens when the unstoppable force meets the movable object?

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Visualize Toto flying by the cabin window leaving Kansas in a hurry.

I realize this will be an unpopular post, and likely no one will agree, but I would give Eli Yofan some minutes. He is tough, hustles, and actually doesn’t do a bad job when on the court. Has generally made good decisions, and most importantly, doesn’t turn the ball over. Turnovers continue to be a sore point with Coach Steele. I am not talking major minutes but maybe 5-8.

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MBB trolling Cool Papa



Without any doubt. Just because a person is an invited walk-on shouldn’t mean he never plays or should not be rewarded for his hustle and abilities. For sure, he isn’t a liability on the court.

Agreed Cool Papa - Yofan brings an extra level of energy and intensity on the defensive end. We’re in a rut - he could provide a spark.

Small sample size, but I was most excited about him of the freshman after the first few games. I’m not sure they trust him to run the point - and playing him with Mekhi provides some size issues, but I’m all in favor of mixing it up.

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Call me naive, but I suspect the coaches have reasons for not playing him that aren’t devious. He’s caught on a team trying to stabilize a rotation and trying to keep players involved. Trying to win is in there too. I loved what he’s shown too, but with more minutes seems to come more turnovers and a tempo that seems kind of manic. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get meaningful minutes tonight and or Saturday. I think Steele needs the right timing and right matchup.


Pretty much everyone on the roster has gotten minutes this year. That alone is kinda awesome.

Miami is putting on a clinic in how to play bad D

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Well, boys. Here’s a first for me. I’m watching this mess from 32,000 feet - over Kansas on a flight to Phoenix. Going to misconnect with my flight to El Paso so I’ll be spending the night in frigid PHX. Pretty bad first few minutes - almost as bad as the turbulence up here from Winter Storm Mara…

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Question: Toledo called a time out with 3 seconds left in the first half. What was the point?

Use it or lose it. Each team starts with four timeouts, only three can be carried into the second half.


No lie. I got here at 48-47 miami

4-9 from the line. Sigh.

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Do we know a different rule about fouling at the end of the game.


Moved the ball better and shot it better on offense.

Had a span with about 10 minutes left where we turned it over 3-4 times and had some bad looks.

Had some head scratching defensive assignments for several possessions under 5 minutes.

Some of our offensive players aren’t great on D. And some of our defensive players aren’t great on O. So we end up with incomplete lineups.

Close again. 5 MAC loses by 5 points or less. But still a long way to go.