Can you imagine having a 3 pointer blocked with 13 seconds left on the shot clock

Yeah us…can Jack O make it to .500…and we extended this guy correct?

4-7 vs DI…stellar!

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Ha ha, every time I check the score, it’s 71-69

We almost always almost win

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16 straight losses to Toledo…there’s nothing close about Miami basketball, been near the bottom of MAC and lower half of all DI for decade plus.

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Ugh… and here come the texts from my old man. He told me that this was 15 in a row for his Rockets, but according to the sideline reporter, it was 16. I’m not going to correct him.

That reminds me of an Elvis song. “I was almost always true to you.”

Victory is almost ours!

What a clown show…Ohio U is going to come into town and destroy Miami for the football/basketball sweep.

There’s just no desire, fight or confidence in Miami basketball…


Stuck back on the Miami Mendoza Line - .500.

And that’s generous, Miami is 4-7.

And how did the government not shut their asses down for that choking hazard? Not bueno:)

It would be one thing if they were just constantly blowing us out, but 11 of 16 have been decided by single digits and 6 out of 16 have been decided by 5 points or less. Just an inexplicable streak.

Jack Owens - streak largely explained, oh that guy before him too…our coaching is a shit show.


Just back from the game. One of our few fans sitting on the court side seats was tossed by the refs late in the game. I looked closely but he did not look like Alex.



Hard to imagine he cares at 4-7…to get booted :wink:

The loss tonight drops us down to 354 out of 358 in Kenpom’s luck rating.

In a way it’s amazing this game was close given that we only played hard defensively for the 2nd half. In the 2nd half, we shot 50% and forced 8 turnovers. But there were enough little things that we didn’t do that cost us. There were 2 possessions in which we played great defense and we didn’t block out the weak side and a Rocket walked in for a layup. Then there were any of the long 3s that we took. And on the deciding possession, Ayah gets a guard in the post on a switch and kicks it out, leading to ICL taking the big shot that was blocked. In the end, you can’t expect to win when you only play hard for 20 minutes. And for a team that’s as experienced as ours, it’s inexplicable that we have to talk about playing hard for 40 minutes. Ayah is the exception. If everyone played as hard as he did, we would’ve won at least a few more games.

In other news, we didn’t play any of our backup bigs in the 2nd half. We played Grant at the 4 at one point, and he actually did alright against Shumate. Their press shouldn’t have given us issues, but we at least turned the ball over twice against it. We’re now 1-5 in 1 possession/overtime games, 4-7 against Division 1.

I have a real soft spot for piss poor regional advertising, but an ice cold heart for terrible basketball. This is likely a character flaw of mine.


Is that like the overrated-meter? It appears KenPom is saying in the nicest way, we have underperformed at the highest level…

We have no fucking system or identity. Pretty incredible.