Tigers/Guardians Pennant Race Thread

The AL Central is clearly a two team race. We have been waiting for this scenario in the demilitarized zone of NW Ohio for an eternity, so we might as well enjoy this from April on.

With that being said, I probably just jinxed the Tigers and started a 10 game slide.


The Guardians may not hit a hundred homers and the Tigers may not average 4 runs per game, but they both look good. Pitching!

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Go Guardians!

And just like that Shane Bieber is done for the year. It looked like he was back to his old self, too.

Yeah, I just got on to post that. He had started out with 12 shutout innings and 20 strikeouts. Looked as good /better his Cy Young season. Tommy John surgery. This is also his walk year, I wonder if the Guardians will make a lowball offer with lots of incentives. Williams is already on the dl, so I would expect some minor leaguers getting some starts.

Guards jump Tigs into first! What a race!

I never even thought that this could be a factor:

Damn you man

Remember that you live in South Detroit, not West Cleveland!

I watched 80% of this game and the umpire was consistently about 50/50 on calls close to the line according to where the strike box was. Twins batting coach was ejected when the ump called back to back pitches which were obviously low ( which you can clearly see from the dugout). The batter was fuming when he walked back to the dugout. It was 3-1 Guardians when I turned the game on in the 3rd inning and then the shadows were clearly interfering with the batters ability to see the ball, nobody scored the rest of the game. Twins only had one ground ball single the rest of the game. I wondered if the umpire was having trouble seeing the ball too. There were a ton of both strikeouts and walks/hbp but nobody could hit the ball hard enough to drive those runners in.

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Since I started this thread two days ago, the Tigers have scored exactly 1 run and dropped the first 2 of their anticipated 10 game losing streak.

and all of us here in South Detroit hold you personally responsible. BTW, isn’t south of Detroit actually Canada?

Windsor, Ontario to exact :slightly_smiling_face:

Benetti is awesome, way too advanced for Monroe or Gibson to hang with. So now they need to sign a color guy with the ability to shoot the shit with Benetti and make 18 innings with one run tolerable.

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I saw that meme, too.

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It’s not and the union is reaching with their statement.
Pitcher injury rates have steadily increased over the last 20 years, nearly tripling. Rates even went down slightly last year but were in line with where they have been over the past few years.

Velocity is the issue here. Guys are simply throwing harder than their bodies will allow and starting to do it at younger ages.

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I think this is probably right. By the way, Bieber added 15 pounds of mostly muscle during the off season and upped his average speed on his fastball by 2 mph. Maybe that extra velocity did him in.

I hate you


It is….there is a famous “ballet” located there

3 down, 7 to go on the Tigers 10 game slide.