Tickets for Saturday's Mens Basketball game

We are opting to watch the Bengals game tomorrow rather than go to the game. We have 2 seats available behind the Miami bench. We have digital tickets so email me at if you want our tickets.

Screw it, let’s make this the game thread. NIU hitting everything and up 19-9 at the U12. We look terrible at the offensive end. We are something like 13-14 point favorites. I just can’t.

Etzler is dressed btw

And yes, we look terrible of the defensive end as well. Northern is 5-8 from 3. We are 0-6. Ayah has missed 3 straight FTs

Dae Dae shot selection is not good

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We fucking suck.


Same for Brown. Down 10 at the half. Alex is right.

Team is very sloppy - should have had a layup on a 3-1 and we pass too high. Then Lairy throws a one hand pass right out of bounds

Then our last possession Delonte Brown passes up a wide open three nor does he drive- the ball is passed around for a couple seconds and we end up with a White jumper just inside the 3 point line.

We just dont know how to play

According to gamecast, NIU has guy named Zull. Demigod and minion of Gozer.

There are no roles. The players are all playing the same role. 10 guys wandering around, forcing threes.

4 assists, 7 TOs. 1-9 from 3. I’ve seen more organized rec teams at the Y.

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Reading body language can be a tricky thing but Dalonte Brown looks like he’s rather be literally anywhere on earth than Millett Hall. Which, frankly, we have in common.

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Imagine how bad we would be if we were a young team.

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I am a glutton for punishment.

Winter sports turning into such a downer…which I guess isn’t exactly novel over most of the last few years.

We were 14 point favorites

I thought we covered the EPSN predictor, spread…does not apply to Miami.

Not sure why Vegas has not caught on…or maybe something fishy is going on, LOL.

This is pathetic…NIU hammering us inside, and we have no one that can accomplish the same high % shot.

This is getting ugly quick…losing by 15 at home, after getting hammered by OU.

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Might be time to fully focus on the NFL playoffs… and I don’t even care which teams in the Bengals/Titans game.

How much longer do we have to put up this crap!