The Unwatchable NBA

Not surprised at all.

" The ratings are in for the 2023 NBA All-Star Game, and yikes. The news isn’t great.

According to figures published by Sports Media Watch, the game Sunday (which aired on both TNT and TBS) averaged a combined 2.2 rating and 4.59 million viewers. That’s a significant decline from the 2022 edition of the game, which averaged a 3.1 rating (a previous record low) and 6.28 million viewers. 2023’s ratings dropped 29% from 2022, and viewership dropped 27%.

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Your point? Who cares?


Yeah, what’s the point? Does anyone watch any all star game? When’s the last time you actually watched the pro bowl? Btw, your title is heavily editorialized, especially considering the NBA is one of the only leagues with growing viewership. They’re currently working on their new round of media deals and are aiming to get $75 billion compared to the current $25 billion from media rights.

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Exactly! Nobody cares!

I watch the hell out of the NBA but had no interest in the All Star game, just like every other league’s all star game.

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It is, for the most part, unwatchable for me until the playoffs. Then, especially as they proceed, the ball gets better.

Agree about the unwatchable regular season. As a long-term Sixers fan, I’ll watch them in the playoffs, again hoping Joel can get his ring!

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I watch the MLB All-Star game. It’s the only one that’s played like an actual game. I have no interest in the NBA ASG, so I don’t watch, but if it’s your thing, go for it.

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I don’t think I’ve watched any all star game in ~5 years. My point was more, using all star game viewership metrics as an indication of overall viewership is duplicitous.

@Eddie is trying to imply NBA viewership is struggling (the large image at the top of the post doesn’t help). The only league doing better is the NFL, and among viewers 16-25, the NBA is the most followed league. So while some folks don’t like watching it, that doesn’t mean it isn’t heavily watched. Worldwide, it’s third in viewership behind the English Premier League and the NFL. So while I don’t closely follow it, I’m not going to make the claim that my opinion is representative of a larger trend when the data says otherwise.

It’s unwatchable. As previously mentioned, if you like to watch it (unlike most people), go right ahead.

“The NBA’s total viewership this season has increased as the league’s national games on ABC, ESPN and TNT are up about 1 percent compared to last season.”

You can have your 1% increase and the meager viewership!

You can just say it’s not for you and keep moving. I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make.

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How about you put that 1% against other leagues? Go ahead.

I’m referring to the NBA. It’s unwatchable. Fact. Scripture.

If you disagree, then take the prior stated advice, and “keep moving.”

Or, continue your perpetuation of drivel.

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The NBA is absolutely thriving in their target demo (18-34). Deal with it.


I can’t wait for Nuggets/Cavs tonight. Going to be a great game and definitely a Finals preview.

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I think the NBA is fun to watch. I watch the Cavs whenever I am free. Tv ratings for the NBA generally out perform mlb when comparing their championship games.

Sticking with unwatchable! Not offended by the comments. This is a Forum and personal attacks are expected.

Exception - Sixers games.

nm, comment retracted after re-reading the thread

I can’t imagine being someone who hates watching Luka/Giannis/LeBron/100 other players but loves watching James Harden. That’s wild.

Well, I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s a fact or scripture, but personally I do find the No Basketball Allowed unwatchable for all but a few playoff games.