That game was waaaayyyyyy colder than any October afternoon game should ever be. I recall it was sleeting prior to the kickoff.

Same with me and Ty King. I was in class with him Monday and talked about it before class (Ty was there with one pant leg pulled up to just below his knee and one not). I was one of the pair of jeans in that video right in that corner of the end zone where he scored! I’ll be at Nippert tomorrow for my first UC game in a row!


I have know Andy and Dan seemingly forever. Most everybody on Hawktalk is familiar with Andy, so I am going to talk about Dan. For most of the past 25 years we have sat next to each other at Miami basketball games. That picture in the article is Dan and his daughter Kathy ( she grew up going to Miami basketball and football games and is as big a fan as Dan) and one of her sons.

Dan is still a practicing lawyer ( maybe a day or two a weeks, at least until this year) and used to teach classes at Miami and he has shared many memories of Miami with me over the years. Unfortunately, he has a serious case of cancer and has been undergoing intensive chemo treatments. Despite that he and his wife Marti and Kathy and her sister were all at the Miami F game and I am sure I will see them tonight at UC. He is in a lot of pain but he is refusing to let it stop him from going to the Miami games. There is no Miami fan more loyal than Dan.


Wow! That’s a pretty amazing alum. Our team should rally and get him a win tonight.

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This is a wonderful night!!


I’m so happy !

Andy Stef should get to ring the bell!

Every football alumnus since 2005 should be invited back to ring the bell !

So happy !
Love and honor !


We own the 5-1-3!!!


Well said. From your mouth to the ears of the coach.

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Bring the Bell to the HOF dinner next Friday!


Andy, I am a recent friend and been blessed to join you in many a home and away game. youare as Red and White as they come. Look forward to attending many games to build a new streak.


Thanks to you who have reached out with kind words.
I was at the UC game (#78).
My new streak started with Delaware State. Not sure I can beat the old streak… but I’ll try.


You rock Andy!

Great! :grinning:

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