On October 9, 1954 (my freshman year) I saw Miami’s first home game of the year, a 42-7 rout of Xavier. Including the Ohio game on November 8, 2022, I had witnessed every home game played in Oxford as well as all UC games (going back to 1945). On November 11, 2022 I had major back surgery which prevented me from attending the NIU game on November 22. Thus the streak was broken. 69 seasons and over 300 games. I guess I’ll have to start a new streak next year.


Very impressive. Hoping when your back is back you’ll be back.

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Simply AMAZING! Ger well.


Sorry the streak was broken - a significant feat in view of the November weeknight MACtion games we’ve been playing for the last several years.You also made lots of road games, too. I think you even made it to Washington in ‘84. The old streak is dead. Long live the new streak!

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This is beyond incredible. Sorry it had to end under such circumstances but glad you are already plotting a new streak.


Absolutely incredible! A record that will never be beaten. Congratulations!

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Andy, congratulations on a fantastic streak! I’m proud to say I know you!

Incredible! What a record to be proud of!

That streak is simply amazing Andy. Hope your back heals quickly.

You know that moves your seat back up to row 64 for next year, when you get your seat renewed. :wink:

Honestly, glad you’re on the mend and will be around for many more seasons.

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Hall of Fame!

In case anyone didn’t know, Andy used to fly the basketball coaches around in his plane on recruiting trips!

Put a bronze bust of that Greek God in Millett Hall!


1954?! The Ara era. You’re a legend, andystef. Hope your surgery was a success and your recovery is going well. And that your butt is back where it belongs next season.

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Andy, that is a Miami record that will never be broken.

I wonder if anyone anywhere has ever had a greater streak of loyalty to one team.

I dare say this is worthy of an ESPN profile.

Does anyone have any contacts there?

Can Miami sports information office work this? Good PR.


Wonder how many of us have flown on his plane? I went on one rather memorable trip.

I flew through the stadium once. :wink:


Enquiring minds want to know. Do tell!

Count me as a passenger on Kamikaze Airlines. Once to Central Michigan for a football game. Once to Ball St for basketball. Congrats Andy and speedy healing.

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That’s awesome! My trip was with another HawkTalker and a Miami administrator. We went to the 1998 MAC basketball tournament game at WMU… better known as the game where Coach Coles collapsed.


Get Well Andy. Although I entered at the end of the streak, I want to wish you well in establishing a new one. See you courtside this winter to plan how we keep it going.

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I was there. Went down on court b/c Jermaine seemed to need someone to hold him up–so to speak. Very scary. Thought at one point that he would not survive (no pulse for several minutes). Great job by WMU staff and a couple docs and nurses in the stands. Amazing, actually.

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