The Redhawks and Kumar go to Blacksburg - Game threads

Let’s go Redhawks softball!


Let’s go RedHawks! They had a few of the women mic’d up for practice and they all seem pretty damn relaxed. Would be cool to see them pull off a JMU from last year (or two years who?)

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Any television for this titanic struggle?


We will be the iceberg and Kentucky will be the Titanic.


4-0 VT. Their pitcher threw a no hitter. The Miami game should start a little after 4:30.

Poor UNCW. Their debut in the tournament went just about as bad as anyone could imagine. Run ruled by Clemson in four innings 9-0. Clemson pitcher threw a no hitter and didn’t allow a single ball to be hit out of the infield.

Here we go.

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Nice start!

Miami opens with a Karli Spaid homer!

Who’s in the circle? Briana or Courtney?

Well crap!

Getting ugly.

My Oh My!


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Besides Courtney and Brianna there are two other pitchers on the roster. Is neither able to pitch?

Taylor Turner has a 4.61 ERA and Laurelai DePew has a 7.27 ERA despite both of them having faced cherry picked opposition.

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I thought Pratt’s first two pitches of the inning were strikes. Plate umpire has a pretty narrow strike zone.

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Unless she’s hurt, keep her in and hope she settles down and gets some offensive help