Steele Offers

Since he’s arrived, here is who he has targeted and offered:

2022 6-7 Rich Rolf - Committed to Charlotte
2023 6-1 Evan Ipsaro - Undecided
2023 6-9 Zane Doughty - Undecided
2022 6-7 Nick Martinelli - Committed to Northwestern
2023 5-9 Buddy Simmons - Undecided
2022 6-4 Ryan Mabry - COMMITTED TO MIAMI
2022 6-2 Devin Carney - Committed to Duquesne
2023 7 Reece Potter - Undecided
2023 6-5 Xavier Thomas - Undecided
2022 6-5 LA Pratt - Committed to Elon
2024 6’5 Colin White - Undecided
2022 6-8 Jaquel Morris - COMMITTED TO MIAMI
2022 6-7 Bobby Durkin - Reclassifies to 2023
2023 6-5 Teagan Moore - Undecided


If Miami could get or had gotten these 15 kids, it’d be one hell of a fine team…

updated with commitment from Jaquel Morris!


So what are your thoughts on Steele’s recruiting in such a short time frame.

I am happy with the Steele hire and early returns but remember Owens first class was


  • bam bowman
  • Ringo
    And even ICL had his moments
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Brown was a Cooper commit.

Yeah and then Owens had to recommit him - I dont believe he was signed and he woukd have been let out if he wanted

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There was nothing wrong with Cooper’s first class. Had the corresponding player development and results happened, he would likely still be here.

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If we want to be consistent then Mitchell Rylee and Billy Smith should also be considered Steele recruits as well.

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On an overall basis, I saw less than expected development from freshman year to senior year on kids in both Cooper’s and Owens’s regimes.

Both Herb and Joby in their relative brief stays in Oxford was characterized overall by growth in skills by their players in their programs.

We should all hope that Steele can “develop” his kids a la Herb and Joby…as that is a key to building team confidence, chemistry and program excellence which leads to better recruiting.


Several of those guys left and one developed greatly…in Adaway, this that says something there.

But yeah there were some good classes/class…and I think with some conditioning, Mirambeaux could be another Bam.

Their games share very little similarities. I’d be disappointed if he were another Bam. That’s not what he’s here for.


We need a low post presence and that is what he provides. Bam loved to shoot 3’s and actually did well. The fact that Summers brought him from Cleve St means something. He did so with Steele’s approval, of course. But he believes he can develop. Or at least represent a paint presence with size we have lacked. I loved Precious, but his size worked against him at times.

I agree- although They had both actually signed an LOI and Brown was just a verbal

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RedSea – your comment about player and team development is spot on. To think Jack brought in Nike, Adaway, and Brown in his first recruiting class, and then followed that up with Mekhi Lairy and Dae Dae Grant, and still completed five seasons with 12-11 as his best record. What a shame. Never improved team defense.

I would add Charlie to the Herb and Joby category. Wally, William Hatcher, Tim Pollitz and Mike Bramos all made huge strides with Charlie as head coach.


As much as we complain about the impact of facilities on recruiting, player development has probably been the more significant issue over the past 10 years.


How so…Bam was solid, BAM was big, they are also both 6-7 275 range playing weight…BAM also did not mind shooting a trey (which you love, LOL)…the video I found on Mirambeaux suggested he has the potential to be a more mobile Bam even.



I prefer he plays inside…and Bam did at times and when healthy…you may be disappointed, but I see parallels that align well, including conditioning and staying healthy (feet, knees).

We shall see…but that said I would not mind it at all if Mirambeaux ended up as Bam at his best.

I don’t think we are ever getting more than 20 minutes per game out of Mirambeaux…and BAM averaged 8pts/5rbs in the same time interval…so if you would not take that all day and twice on Tuesday…you got bigger problems than I thought.

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Exactly. Bam did a lot of his scoring from 3 and mid-range. Mirambeaux took 1 three in 25 games. Just because they’re big bodied guys, that doesn’t make them similar players. If Mirambeaux plays like Bam, I’ll be disappointed because that’s not what he’s here to do. If you just want to compare points and rebounds, sure. But 8pts/5rbs describes Logan McLane, Dalonte Brown, Jalen Adaway, Nike Sibande (granted with more points), and James Beck.

James Beck would be a much better comp. Quick, solid post player, able to score inside, able to defend other bigs, but doesn’t stretch the defense at all. Just looking at height and weight is lazy.

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How he ends up being used is up to Steele…as usual though you miss the obvious point.

They are similar size and posses similar skill sets (there are videos of Anderson hitting treys in just about every one that’s available)…and getting Anderson to 275# would be ideal…if a visual is needed, see Bam highlights. Bam shot nearly twice as many 2P to 3P (too many treys for me, but that’s up to Steele, as noted). Also why I provided the Bam vid above, not a trey in view.

Hence to valid and on point comparison.