State of the program piece

Our look at the program, covering some of the things we’ve discussed here:

Miami must improve in NCHC play – View From the Glass


So if I’ve read this right, all we need to do is recruit better, get our Xs and Os straightened away, start developing players, instill a culture of leadership and a strong work ethic, and mentally wrap our collective heads around being in the best college hockey conference. Seems achievable for a staff that hasn’t done a single one of these things correctly for 4 years running. You’ve convinced me; mark me down for one of those “I Believe!” stickers.

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Hockey seems hopeless now. Hope I am wrong.

I found it to be fair. Bonk outlines everything that needs to substantially improve and then makes the very succinct point at the end that Bergeron is running out of time to accomplish those changes. I’m on team #MiamiExit, but we’re in the NCHC no matter what this year, so I’m all for hoping for the best. If we turn out to be the league’s pinata again a month in, I’ll be as negative as anyone.

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“Both head coach Chris Bergeron and athletic director David Sayler refused comment.”

There are exactly two outlets on God’s green earth that regularly cover Miami hockey. One of them is on summer break. And Berge and Sayler are out here refusing comment to Bonk? What thin skins.


Excellent article from View From the Glass - very comprehensive.This situation appears to be yet another example of our AD waiting too long to make a change- I believe we lost our two top point producers and our top goalie from a very bad last year’s team. For those on this on this site that closely follow hockey do the incoming players including the transfers provide any hope for improvement from last year?

Depends on how you define improvement. In 21-22 we were 7-27-2 overall and 4-16-1-3 in league play. Last year we were 8-24-4/3-16-0-5 so overall we “improved.” I think the question you’re after is how much improvement is needed for us to feel that things are on the right track and whether the incoming talent can make that happen. I’ll spare MHT Nation the diatribe as everyone knows my opinion.

And I echo the other comments – well done, Bonk.

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Are the conferences expected realignments due to NCAA compliance rules and that expense,which likely will eliminate Hockey only conferences, expected to be in effect in 2025?

They’ve got everything under control!

Screenshot 2023-06-28 151933

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Since some posters look at NHL draft picks as a benchmark for measuring recruiting success in the NCHC, here’s the tally from the past two days (number of picks-round selected):

CC: 3-6th, 7th, 7th
DU: 1-5th
UMD: 4-2nd, 4th, 4th, 5th
UND: 4-3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th
UNO: 2-3rd, 4th
SCSU: 1-6th
WMU: 2-3rd, 6th
MU: 1-7th

Going by the raw numbers, we lost ground to the rest of the league and while that’s an unfair statement to make at face value, it’s safe to say we didn’t outperform anyone. What stands out to me is not what the traditional powers are doing, it’s what Mayotte is doing at CC - this is his third year behind the Tiger bench. Year 5 for Bergeron. Mmmmmmkaaaaayyyy.

Oh, one more thing…Rico had one kid picked in the 5th round. It’s also Rico’s third year. Now isn’t that special.

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HMS Lurker, thorough as usual. I hope like the Reds of Cincy we are underestimated but radically improve. May not happen but it’s my thing with feathers this hope.

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Miami also had another incoming Swede picked INT-85. Way down the list but it’s something.

Lurker- you are correct. I should have phrased my question this way- Do our new players including transfers put us in position to do signficantly better than last year?

Well we have at least 3 players going to development camps this week that’s a plus I guess

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Four if you count Red Savage.

For comparison purposes, I counted 3 from RIT (which surprised me) and 4 from BUGS (which also surprised me). Rico has 1 that I saw. I did it the old fashioned way by finding rosters online then skimming through them; there isn’t a consolidated list anywhere that I could find. I couldn’t find rosters for every team so YMMV.

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Waldron is with the Flyers*
Barbolini is with the Canucks
Neaton is with the Jets
Cox is with the Devils

Plus Red with the Wings and Ludvig with the Lightning

I’m not sure I’ve seen all the rosters though there may be someone else out there I missed (it’s awful Twitter just had to start being unusable yesterday)

I didn’t know Waldron was considering a baseball career.

:joy::joy::joy:oopsies I meant the flyers

I’ve been watching too much baseball lately with hockey and football being in a lull

Quick glance at the newest 'Hawks. Will do a more in-depth piece later this summer.

Miami releases 2023-24 roster – View From the Glass


Bonk, two things:

  1. I need nearly a full minute for my tired, old eyes to adjust from that white on red. I get why the color scheme, but is there an option to make it black on white?
  2. What’s your take on the series of “no comment” statements from the coaching staff. I can see the rationale behind no commenting the State of the Program piece, but incoming kids? Really? Is this a bunker mentality from Bergeron or are you on Lurker’s double secret probation list? If you can’t reply, that’s cool.

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