St Cloud vs Miami series

Barbolini and Vitolins are in the conversation possibly for this weekend. Neaton and Hallen are more week to week, Feenstra and Carogioello are basically out for the season.

If we get swept and Omaha gets swept we are mathematically eliminated from home ice in the playoffs…

Thank you for the update!

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Especially on the home ice “magic number” :joy:


:joy::joy: it has to be two full sweeps of 6 points too if 1 point goes to Omaha or us we’re still in the running

I didn’t say it as nice as this person-

So you’re saying we have a chance!

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Looking at everyone’s schedules I think 1st 2nd and 3rd place are impossible- our max amount of points is 30 and the teams we would need to lose out/not get a certain amount of points play each other so there will be at least 3 teams above 30 points

4th here we come!!

I’m fairly certain, if we get swept, and other results go against us. We can guarantee the 8 seed this weekend, with 3 series left to play

There’s some teams off so we can’t get locked in this weekend (our max points would be 24 and UMD could lose out and end with 20) but the week after when we’re off we can clinch 8th if we got swept by SCSU, Omaha got 4/6 points and UMD gets 5/6 points in their February 16/17 series

…which would still be with 3 series left to play for us

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Barbolini and Vitolins back in, Cox and Morrison out.

I never get why cox gets scratched. His PP with Simanovics has really been heating up. He deserves more than to be the first boot and we’re gonna chase him back to Long Island if we keep scratching him. The kid has been to multiple NHL dev camps it’s not like he can’t play…there’s definitely guys that have been worse than him recently

Also I’m worried Bajzer is gonna be worse without his Ohio buddy! They were out there together a lot on Saturday


Last place

5-2 Final (not us)

We cut their lead down to 1 goal in the third… about a minute later it was 3.

I mean just saying the overall team effort went down when ray and barbs got back ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Bruno seems to still be shaken by St. Cloud, he needs to exorcise his huskies demons

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Barring a miracle it looks like Omaha is going to lose to WMU. This could be good or bad for us depending on how delusional you choose to be. It’s bad for us trying to get home playoff ice but good for us aiming for 6/7th place

Are you on crack? We will finish last….again. And if all is right in this world, Berge will be fired before Green Beer Day.


Honest thoughts to all if we will see a coaching change in 4 weeks?


We are too poor to fire bergeron


Omaha officially takes the L so I think that keeps us safe from clinching 8th next week (they needed to get 4 points this weekend). The only thing is I’m not sure about tie breaking procedures so we may be still at risk if they win tomorrow (or we could be tied at 7?)

Also, Albin Nilssons Goggin point streak has come to an end :frowning: until today he had scored at least a point in every game he’s played in goggin. He’s still averaging 1.33 points per game at Steve coach cady arena though

John Waldron still owns SCSU too, he has like 6 goals in 7 games against them or something

So if we finish 7th, we technically did improve, right? Not suggesting this is good just asking if I’m reading this correct.

I guess technically :joy: we’d have to have a better record than last year if we did so it would be a minor improvement

We still do have the chance of finishing 4th and getting home ice for the playoffs, it’s just a looooooooong shot.

Obviously its sad that 7th place is barely attainable itself and we can basically forget being competitive for 5th+ like some ppl were hoping for as a sign to keep bergs but I just like following the numbers and having something to root for even if it is such a low bar.

On the bright (?) side next year if we finish 8th it’ll be an improvement because we wouldn’t be dead last :joy:

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Is it softball season yet?

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All fair points.

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