St Cloud vs Miami series

Sometimes you get an itch.


And I have a chance of the Emmas (Stone and Watson) doubling up on me. We’re finishing last again, and Bergeron needs to be shown the door.


Haha I was wrong anyways, we don’t have a shot at 4th place anymore after last night

That’s what I get for trusting a rando on Twitter for information without checking their math first


Especially when the PP is heating up with Siman

Eighth straight loss tonight and I honestly don’t know that we’ll win another game this season. :grimacing:

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Our thoughts here:

MU swept by SCSU, loses 8th straight – View From the Glass

Photos by @hockeychica1: Photos: St. Cloud State at Miami – View From the Glass


Team NOT getting better. Probably under 10 wins AGAIN.

Key word: Probably :joy:

We’ve got 8 games guaranteed left let’s get some wins!! In the past couple seasons they’ve pulled off a late regular season win. We do have a win streak against Western Michigan and besides last season we’ve done well against Omaha in bergs time here. Plus if we see North Dakota in the post season we’ve been playing them well recently.
It would be incredible to beat denver and end our bad streak at magness

If we could pull off some upsets they’d be big wins!

My level of expectation for even marginal success with this coaching staff is minimal. We can win big at field hockey, softball and as of last season football again. Basketball hit rock bottom the last two years but both men’s and women’s hoops seem to be on the upswing. I am optimistic the new coach will resurrect volleyball.

I think it’s time to make a change in our hockey program and recommit to actually winning again.


I was a fan of the Bergeron hire and thought he deserved some time to show progress, but he just hasn’t gotten it done. We wouldn’t tolerate a .200 winning percentage and four straight last place finishes for any other sport, yeah we have a tough conference but five seasons is enough to at least creep up to the middle tier. He hasn’t, it’s time to make a change.


I can’t argue with any of this.

Buyout is 1 year of salary (305k), paid within a year of termination. Contact otherwise goes until 5/31/25. Standard offset language if he finds a new job + any job over 200k fully offsets the buyout.

Showing my ignorance here, but is it possible in hockey to do a wholesale transfer in process to instantly remake a team or does that not happen in the sport? And would it be possible or a massive stretch for Miami to do it?

So you’re asking if a coach would dump a substantial portion of the team in favor of more-experienced veterans?

This coaching staff brought in a bunch of transfers in 2021-22 (six or seven?) and it didn’t work out overall (Miami still has Fletcher and Neaton though).

They tried again this year with a number of transfers over freshmen and the team is still obviously struggling mightily. Nilsson, Sullivan and Cox in particular have been nice additions though and the latter two have two years left (I think).

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Wow, didn’t know they did that. See, that’s why I said showing my ignorance. Thanks for the info, and obviously wasn’t a good choice, or didn’t work out at the very least.

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Sadly, we just suck!

We need and have needed a coaching change - Berg certainly a loyal Miami guy but he and his staff cannot get it done- we need to copy the WMU model