So those listed in the portal from Miami and other questions

Any surprises to anyone? Any MAC teams losing any surprises? Anyone surprised by the Va. Tech hire? Personally, shocked the Oregon job hasn’t opened up.

The really good player from Toledo that went to Oregon, Grace Van Slooten, entered the portal. I wondered what was going on up there.

At first blush I thought this said Van Helsing!

John, there is another Ohio player also entering the portal from Oregon. They had a poor record, but seems as if there is more to it.

For Mother Miami

Girls in the portal ( that I am aware of) that might be difference makers (IMO)

6-1 JR Regan Bass of Akron was probably the best big girl in the league last year 16ppg/9rpg

6-2 sophomore Hattie Ogden of Buffalo ( she hit two late 3’s to basically win the game against us). Also hit some key 3’s in their upset of Toledo in the MAC semifinals.

6-3 Tayre Eke from EMU. 5th year She led the MAC in shot blocks

6-0 C’enara Skanes SR from EMU sat out last year with an injury. 13 ppg the year before

5-11 FR Laylay Fantroy from OU 9ppg

5-6 GS Jayden Marable from NIU 11ppg

5-8 pg Hana Muhl from Ball State. Sophomore, she played a little each game, but Ball State’s top 6 players will all be Seniors next year, so she is looking for playing time. Her older sister is the starting PG for UConn, playing in the Final Four tomorrow.

Let’s bring Peyton home.

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Is she in the portal?

Not that I’m aware of. Wishful thinking on my part. She could play her final season close to home, break the scoring record and make us better instantly.

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So the Miami players listed were expected? Thanks for that run down Dick.

I have it on good authority that Peyton is making too much money to return.

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So has anybody found any information about who we are recruiting. You would think by now there should have been several visitations and a commit or two… Bluesman, you talk to our coach once in awhile. Any information on who we are going after? Anybody else have any info? We have quite a bit of information being posted on Men’s hoops and hockey, but zilch on the women.

I do know that recruits have been in town for visits (including this past weekend) but can’t name names because I don’t have them. Rest assured the staff is not sitting around twiddling their thumbs.


Van Slooten ends up at Michigan State.

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New add from the portal. Former top 60 recruit.


Transferred from where?

Looks like Illinois

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If she can stay healthy (shoulder), major contributions may be coming.

Just based on her ranking, I would imagine she’s the best player we’ve ever signed?