So, apparently Buffalo tomorrow

Interest is high it would seem, lol.

UB head coach out on COVID protocols…in terms of matchup, they play way more size.

I like having Ayah around…but IMO he should really come off bench for energy in most games…Eli or Ames should be seeing lots of time in this one and overall or we are never going to develop or attract (future recruits) of any size.

Will be interesting to see if Ayah is guarding Mballa…I’d rather see Dalonte on wing guarding Jeenathan Williams…and go with two guard look.

As I don’t think ICL or Myja provides quickness advantage overall in his matchup at all.

The game has gotten smaller, but Jack’s year 5 starting lineup from a size standpoint is smaller than most successful high school teams…a bit ridiculous.

Gamenote link appears old…but likely the same starting 5 for UB.

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Barring foul trouble, I want to see as little of Ames as possible. He’s shown flashes of competent D, but he can’t score (even against D3 opposition), and he has trouble holding onto the ball.

That may be the case on O …and it can hard for big guys when there’s no one to body up against.

Ames tends to put ball low on ground when he should not…I just want to see him on D and rebounding to get comfortable…where he looked decent in limited minutes vs UC…affecting shots, playing D.

Part of the reason he looks poor, is he sees no real action, and as I have long felt likely not a coach on staff that knows how work with interior players.

That said in this one I’d start Mehki, Dae Dae, Dalonte, Beck and Eli (Skogman shoots over people on perimeter)…rotate Ayah and Beck…work Ames in some on their 7 footer that starts if matchup works.

Then we have two guards off bench. The one issue is I think there’s a question of Becks health…if he’s 90 to 100%


Very good analysis. I agree about Ames. I have been positive about him, but he has had issues on the O end. But as you said, he moves well. Has intensity on D.So, emphasize his D. Let him contribute that way. I have said for many years, that in any endeavor, it’s all about confidence. That comes from preparation, support, and rewarded with success.
And at the end of the day, he is very big. As Coach O said last year, if we want to “play up” we have to get bigger. Ames is the biggest. If Jack wants some help w/him, call Coach Hedric.

There are no secrets about how Buffalo will play. They will play fast. They will spread the floor and go 1-on-1. And they will crash the offensive boards. This is the worst in-league matchup for us because we’re small, play slow, and rely on the 3 at which Buffalo is good at preventing teams from taking 3s. This Buffalo team is a little better offensively because they’re a better shooting team. Defensively, they’re pretty close, but not quite as good as last year. They’re also not a great defensive rebounding team because their bigs often get pulled away from the basket.

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Vegas has us at +7.5. Might not be enough. Btw, this is a 4:00 tip.

How the hell is this game not televised?


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It seems like we are missing half our team- so why are we playing- everyone else in our league cancelled.

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Marr Avance scores on his first shot attempt

Avance in the game. First career points.

Its kinda working but I hate this zone- they are getting wide open threes and over half the offensive rebounds


Yeah the zone sucks

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It’s obvious that both teams have been off for a while.

Last couple sequences are why Buffalo is UB basketball and we are Miami…their big shots go in…their hustle is rewarded.

That said…several in and down for us…Dalonte needs to play with more confidence, should of nailed the trey at first look.

Oh well maybe we make a small run, otherwise this is about to get ugly…really ugly.

Mballa just abuses us!

Nice drive Dae!

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We’ve commented before at how well Bake remains neutral when ESPN 3 picks up Miami’s feed and he calls the game.

This crew? Not so much…

We seem to be missing 5 guys although ICL seems to be in street clothes and Tatum was redshirting anyway

Rebounds are 35-17 lmao

Mballa has 14 points, 13 rebounds (8 offensive), and 4 blocks.

ICL and Myja out…two important guys…but we just have a lot “strong” shots not falling and Beck just does not rise or match Mballa…Ayah a bit better, but they are losing track of him in the zone.

Exactly…Mballa is abusing us in the zone on offensive rebounds…and overall.