Scanning the portal

Williams is a 6-10 PF from Carmel, IN. Had a number of mid major offers before going to W&M. Karasinski is a 6-7 F from Michigan and shows a Miami offer from 2021.

Take them both!!

William & Mary fired their HC per report today.

We need a three and a 4/5. Take them both! Good fits academically as well.


I’m sure these guys are fine young men, but I hope we can find more talented players in the transfer portal. Bill and Mary is one of the worst teams in the country and these guys were role players. Jack K shot 13% from 3 and wasn’t shy about taking them.

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Had Miami offer in 2022. I’m not making any evaluations of these guys, just posting intriguing transfers

i’m pro NIL and transfer portal (to an extent)… but seeing per his agent in a twitter announcement for a mid major athlete is where i draw the line

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From Indianapolis Cathedral HS. Followed by Coach Smith.

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Biggest blip is a significant regression from 3 this season, going from 35% on over 5 attempts/game to 22% on over 4 attempts.

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Couple players from Missouri St. just entered the portal who I think are intriguing: 6’8" N.J. Benson from Mt. Vernon, Illinois, and 6’6" Chance Moore from Georgia.

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From Indy. Followed by Coach Smith.

From Toledo. Followed by Coach Smith.

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My grandmother lives about 5 mins from St. Fran¶

Tell Eddie.

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Toledo center Ben Wight portaling . From Worthington, played three seasons at William & Mary.

(Verbal Commits site has crashed today!)

220+ transfers in the portal today as of 3:30. I wonder why the site is crashing :joy::rofl:

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