Saw Jerry Seinfeld Friday Night

At the Schuster Center in Dayton.

Great show. Performed for about an hour and 40 minutes. Content was fresh and funny. Kid-friendly as well.

He did make a small joke about the goofy Hamas protesters (only about 10 protesters), but otherwise, no political jokes. Crowd ages were quite varied and he did remark that he always loves Ohio crowds.

He actually doesn’t have a lot of tour dates.

“A bookstore is one of the only pieces of physical evidence we have that people are still thinking.”

“What I don’t understand is how women can pour hot wax on their bodies, let it dry, then rip out every single hair by its root and still be scared of spiders.”


Spoke at Duke commencement Sunday and received honorary degree.

Good speech appreciated by the vast majority of the more intelligent students.

His first words were: “Thank you. Oh my God, what a beautiful day.”

“You’re never going to believe this: Harvard used to be a great place to go to school. Now it’s Duke.”



Oddly, many North Carolinians don’t claim Duke as a North Carolina school. I’m not necessarily talking about alums of NC ST, UNC or ECU - just generic North Carolinians. They see Duke as a school that only caters to rich out of state students - mostly from the dreaded “up north.”

For some reason, they don’t view Wake, Elon or Davidson in the same light. Strange culture.


Duke, aka Rutgers University - Durham campus

Speaking as a parent of a Duke alumnus, he was not from up north nor from a wealthy family. He did receive a great education though. Miami was a possibility for him (received calls from the track coach) but Duke won out. Fortunately his sister had good sense and is a Miami grad.


I never have understood the local disdain for Duke. It’s like California not claiming Stanford or Illinois disowning Northwestern. Just a vestige of the Old South, I suspect.

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Well it’s a New Jersey school, that’s why

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Probably a legacy of disdain for post-war carpetbaggers/scalawags who didn’t fit into an idealized “southern culture”. Which is silly in its own right, but it’s probably the source.

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Bingo. Oddly, it was founded and originally endowed by the Duke family, historic NC tobacco magnates.


[quote=“NESCACDAD, post:3, topic:3714”]
[/quote] The two big state schools and Duke are all basically in Raleigh. Raleigh is a big and growing metropolitan area with far more grads from NC State and North Carolina than from Duke.

Duke was originally Trinity College. James B. Duke wanted to endow several institutions in North Carolina, but he hoped to have one named for the family (or more specifically, his father who started the whole tobacco thing). He approached several existing schools, including Davidson, about giving a substantial sum in exchange for the school being renamed. Davidson and the others refused to rename the school. Trinity took him up on the offer. As a result, the Duke Endowment gave a king’s ransom to Trinity, which became Duke, while the other schools got smaller amounts and smaller recognition for the family (e.g., Duke Hall at Davidson, a dorm).

(Source: my dad was one of four guys from north of the Mason-Dixon line in the Davidson class of 1969 and lived in Duke Hall his senior year)


I know. I have lived two hours away since 2008. But people in Wadesboro, Goldsboro, Ashboro and all the villes look at Duke funny-eyed, too. Many simply don’t claim it as an NC university. It has a higher percentage of out of state students than the state schools.

I saw Jerry in Durham last fall, he was awesome, and answered audience questions and was like I don’t care if you record any of this. Sad to see a few dozen walk out on him at graduation just b/c he’s Jewish.

Also Raleigh does not claim Duke or UNC, 3 distinct cities within 30+ min of each. Raleigh is NC State/Meredith College and I have fully bought into this, even as a huge Duke bball fan since the 90s! I go to Durham if I want to cheer for Duke,

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Also Raleigh is full, we’re closed!

Let’s get them Dukes!

Right. Lol

Durham is not full yet, they’ll let you back in, especially since you’re an alum or your kids went there, I can’t recall, lol! Also anyone moving here must give up their hockey fandom card for the Hurricanes!

Never been impressed with Seinfeld. I think it’s pretty clear that Larry David was the real genius behind the show. Seinfeld was just his meat puppet. Look at his standup before, during and after the show. It’s the blandest, most toothless crap imaginable. “Unfrosted” will go down as one of the biggest pieces of mediocrity in entertainment history. He makes Jimmy Fallon look like Lenny Bruce.

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LD is a comedic genius, but Jerry deserves an immense amount of credit.

But let’s see how fans react to your assertion…The responses should be interesting.

Edit - Link was already there. That’s all!

OK. The comments were interesting. Post removed since I don’t have time to monitor.