Saw Jerry Seinfeld Friday Night

I like the two who called me an antisemite. I guess nobody’s allowed to critique the comedy of a Jewish comedian?

Apparently, they miss the part where I reference a Jewish stand up as the epitome of intelligent, biting social satire, call Larry David a genius and reference non-Jewish Jimmy Fallon as also a bland and toothless hack. Some people need to leave the card in the damned deck. .

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Anti-seintite. As in Anti-dentite.

Not Anti-Semite.


Edit: Deleted one word. Back to eating. No…Made another edit. Softer approach.

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Completely missed it by a mile.

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I think it’s time to have a scintillating discussion about peanuts. I prefer them in the shell. And you?

I’ve found I like pecans the best in a mixed nuts tin. I can find just peanuts, just pistachios, just almonds, just cashews, and just Brazil nuts. Why can’t I find just pecans?

It’s because pecans are not native to you heathens in California. Sorry about that.

Let me tie it into the thread.

What’s the deal with nuts?

Gaylord Perry used to stack cases of 2 pound bags of peanuts from his NC farm overtop of his locker in the Mariners KingDome clubhouse. For $5 (cash only) he’d autograph a bag and sell it to you.