Sadly, It's True. All Of Us Have Enjoyed Them Throughout The Years

Well…Maybe most of us.

My dorm rooms in the late 70s were always fully-stocked with them.

Mikesell’s, a historic Dayton maker of potato chips and snack foods, is going out of business.

No way! That was a tremendous regional offering. Until Count Snackula (I mean Frito Lay et all) put the squeeze on so many quality offerings via their distribution muscle.

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If you want to get your chips from local Ohio businesses, Conn’s Potato Chips in Zanesville is still going strong after 85+ years.


Cool Ghoul, Burger beer and Mikesells BBQ chips got the dateless wonders through many Saturday nights in Collins Hall.


MikeSell Bbq+ techmobowl+Natural Ice was a heavenly combination.

Loved Mikesells chips!

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a little later than the 70s, but were these the chips you’d get with the tuesday sandwich special at SDS? sandwich, chips and soda for $4.95?

being a detroit kid, i’m honorably committed to better made…

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My first thought when I heard the Mikesell’s news was maybe Conn’s could take over their facility and I could get my Conn’s in Cincinnati. As it is, I stock up whenever I get back to central OH, or family comes to visit. They bring Conn’s to pay their “rent” when they stay.

Sanders soda fountains! Those were the days in Detroit!

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Bob Braun used to advertise for them during his show. That’s one of my earliest memories is playing on the floor while my Mom watched his show.

Nope, the chips were Husman’s - which was sold to a new company a few years ago and discontinued last year.

Husman’s were Cincinnati based IIRC.

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Bought by Utz. I think out of Pittsburgh then shut down by the dirty rats. Husmans and Mike-sells were the best.

Grippo’s in Cincinnati is still around and a solid local option.

Growing up in Pa, we had Charles Chips delivered every Wednesday. Sadly, my sisters usually nabbed the can before I could.



We used to get Charles in Columbus. Yummy.

Sorry Cincy natives: Grippo’s and Husmans both garbage.

If there’s one thing I learned as a Reds fan listening to 700 WLW is that when the chips are down you damn well better be sure they’re Husman’s. I also learned that when your manager is betting on games, you’ll have a great pitcher like Mario Soto consistently lose 2 hit games. Shocking!

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This is the correct take on those Cincy potato chips.

I largely agree. I think Grippo’s barbecue are pretty good but the rest of the line and Husman’s weren’t great.

I used to love Mikesell’s because of the peanut oil. They reminded me of Jay’s in Chicago.

Hadn’t eaten Mikesells in years. Then ~four years ago a friend got some and said they were flavorless, and I thought he was crazy. Then I tried one and totally agreed. The recipe definitely changed for the worse and they paid the ultimate price.

Such a shame – that company was over a hundred years old if I remember right.

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