Roster Next Year-Changes

I said this on text thread 2 weeks ago. This is what I would like to see on our roster next year:

5 incoming freshman-Cooper, Ipsaro, Kotecki, Potter, Elmer

Returning Players-Anderson M, Mabrey, Stafford, Morris, Smith, Yofan (as a walkon)

Transfers-hopefully we add 2 combo guards in the 6’3"-6’6" mold. At least one. And if we can’t add 2, then add one combo guard and one post player who can at the very least help on the boards.

That gives us 11-12 scholarship players depending on if we add 1 or 2 transfers. Plus Yofan as a walkon. The rest of this roster is free to explore other opportunties as they have added very little.


Eli Yofan? That’s interesting. I really don’t think he is in Steele’s plan anymore.

I said Yofan is a walkon, so if he stays, it costs us nothing

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I was surprised because you mentioned him. I like the kid and I thought nobody else did. I see great potential which would come with more game experience. No disrespect meant.

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I see him in the Tatum role.

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I like Yofan as well. He plays with a lot of energy. I would like to see how he develops.

It seems pretty clear that Yofan was playing early in the season because we were down so many bodies. But, the way Williams and Lewis are playing, I wouldn’t mind him getting some minutes.


Great comments-

Indianapolis alum- recently fully into Miami hoops.

I am not buying that this was a throw away year. No free pass for Steele. The players were good enough for a much better result.

This is eerily familiar. This might be who we got. I pray :pray: not. Look at the numbers.

We were getting better, beat Bellermine, Buffalo, really tested Kent State. Things were trending right and Lairy and Safford starting to buy in Then went :poop:

Steele sat Smith (Indianapolis Brebeuf Jesuit) and went with older guys no matter what (Smith didn’t adapt well at all to 10 minutes a game- 4 minutes against Central) dropping 7 straight and 8 out 9 winnable games and essentially trashed the season. Lewis and Williams 0-9, 6 fouls, 2 rebounds in 42 minutes against CM? Smith had 1 rebound and 1 steal in 4 minutes 0-1.

Why mess with it? We were getting better. Isn’t this about the future anyway? That’s what he says.

I am hoping :pray: for the best. But, no free pass, and it is the same pattern. Damn it’s alarming.

I wouldn’t assume anyone stays or goes. We will know soon. The rumors are out there and calls are being made.

One thing I like about Steele is that he wants to build through recruiting. At least that is what he says. Let’s see what he does. He says all the right things. Can he execute? In conference?

This job might be harder than Xavier.

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What are the rumors?

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I totally disagree that any part of this season have we been getting better. We lost to a terrible team in Evansville to start the season. We lost to a terrible CMU team last Saturday. We have gotten drilled at home to Marshall and Indiana State. We have gotten drilled away at Ball State and Indiana. We sometimes have close games.

But we have 5 division 1 wins. See their net ratings:
Little Rock 334
Jackson State 311
Bellarmine 249
Buffalo 179
Western Michigan 324

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Fair comment for sure if you look at first game and last game. Can’t argue that.

I was grasping for hope coming into conference play and still believe we should have been better in conference and were showing sign of life.

Pot stirrer.

I was as hopeful as anyone, probably for no good reason. New head coach, working with new staff he didn’t know well. New players, some playing college ball for first time, playing with others for first time. One holdover who is trying to carry the team. I’ve followed the program for 50 years and not sure I’ve seen such a total re-do. Yes, I’m disappointed with the season, but will be patient. Even though at my age, that’s dangerous.


Interesting comments and I walk back to an extent what I said on another thread that it would be " totally unfair " to criticize Steele. Of course this site is in part all about second guessing and criticizing - this is human nature. It is easy to criticize when a program / coach is down and easy to jump on the bandwagon when things go well.My challenge to you and others on this site is what can or will you do to help the program get back to where it should be? With respect to this season this team has maybe 3/5 D 1 players, no depth, no true post player(s)- Anderson has potential but he needs to lose more weight to be able to play better D and rebound more effectively.- we are not athletic enough to play strong man D , we cannot rebound ( we were out rebounded by 20 last Saturday! ), we cannot make shots including critical 3’s when we need to, we commit way too many unnecessary fouls…etc. Even if John Wooden were coaching this team we would have essentially the same record. As I said the other day the losses this year are " program " losses and are the result of many past years of poor recruiting and poor coaching, lack of financial support, and poor facilities. You and a few others certainly can criticize Steele but I believe an objective view of the facts does not support such criticism . In any event I hope you and others will support the program so we can make it stronger- I am sure we can agree that the status quo is not an option.

Well said. Good perspective.

Reasonable minds my differ.

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Indy you made a comment about “rumors” and “calls being made”. What are the nature of said rumors and calls? Thanks.

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I feel like you are a coach on another team trying to poach players. I don’t know why I feel this way but there’s something about your posts that feels like external sabotage. I sure hope I’m wrong, but when you use cloak and veil language like “rumors” it sure reeks of it.


No malicious intent hidden agenda here.

Rumors are only half baked at best I don’t want to put a kids name on here. Just not fair to a player to spread something.

Calls being made is just a generic comment directed at the NCAA transfer portal system and how it works. My friends kid left a Big10 school and it percolated before season ended. I was told that was typical. I personally have no direct experience.


Billy Smith unfortunately has earned his minutes reduction.


I am betting Miami to cover for sure tonight.

Even with Safford out with concussion.

What happened with Julian Lewis and Kamari Williams? Early in the season, Julian Lewis looked like one of our most well-rounded players. Over the past month, nothing. I recall Steele saying Kamari Williams was our best player in practice in the early part of the season (before Kamari became eligible to play in games). Then he started playing in games in December, nothing. For us to be decent this year, we needed those two plus Harrison and Etzler to contribute significantly. The first two have not been good, especially in MAC play, and the latter two haven’t played.