Rob Summers


Wow. Hope he won’t take another big man with him.

Oof. That stinks.

Missouri did not win one game in the SEC last year. It was 8-23 overall after going 25-10 in the first year of Dennis Gates.

That does not inspire a lot of confidence in the future unless the miracle of the transfer portal can occur there. No easy path in the SEC.

I hope Summers is getting a big pay raise.

Sorry to see him go but change is inevitable. Maybe we will hire an awesome replacement. I wish him well.


Really happy for Summers. I’m curious if Holmes being elevated to an associate HC last season was preparation for this? Either way, he’s a great coach and sad to see him go. At the same time, it’s a sign we finally have a staff worth poaching. It’s been a long time since an assistant MBB coach made a positive jump. I think Summers could be a HC sooner rather than later.


I saw him as heir apparent to Steele, and he still could be. Along with Jermaine, of course.

No conspiracies here. He has three young kids and is getting a sizeable raise, going to work for someone he knows and has had success with.


That’s truth. If people want our goods we are going in the right direction. Not quite worried yet about him taking players to the SEC but I hope we get there as again it’s a step up.

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The heir apparent to Steele is clearly Colleen Day-Henderson.


Congratulation to Rob, it clearly would be a financial boost.


So based on publicly available info I can find, every assistant at Mizzou except the associate head coach C.Y. Young makes less than Summers makes as associate head coach at Miami. But Young makes a lot more. So I assume Young is being pushed out to make room for Summers to take that job? Because otherwise this doesn’t make sense for Summers from a finance perspective.

There are tons of coaches who would kill for the opportunity. I think we get another guy who can handle bigs but really best coach wins IMO. Just like the nfl draft you gotta choose best available. That’s why I picked a kicker second round. And also, because I’m stupid.

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Wow - that is hard to believe

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Summers’ salary is $142K, per his contract available on Miami’s website. Mizzou has one associate head coach (Young) and four assistant coaches, per the website. Per pay data compiled by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, one of those assistants is actually some combo of GA and basketball ops person as opposed to a full-fledged assistant, and he’s paid accordingly. The other three make between $80K (most junior) and $125K (most senior). But Young–the associate HC–makes $450K.

Per the linked article below, the assistant coach position that Summers is filling was previously held by Dickey Nutt who was making $165,000 when he was hired two years ago.

It would not surprise me if the current comp for that position is not closer to $180K now.

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Weird. The Post-Dispatch data must not capture all salary. Maybe boosters directly fund a portion.

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His third school in 4 years? Leaving to go to a bigger school for more money? The transfer portal and NIL is killing college sports.

Wait, Rob is a coach? Oh, nevermind then. Total no brainer. Well-wishes and congrats to him.

(Before anyone gets triggered, I’m just poking a little fun at the general hypocrisy of players getting criticized for tranferring multiple times while coaches are free to do the same with little to no ill-will)


Off topic but does anyone know why the University of Missouri refers to itself as MU?

Aren’t they UM?

It must be in the water out there as the University of Kansas also refers to itself as KU.

Thank goodness Coral Gables did not start referring to itself as MU. I have always been thankful that they are more attached to the “U” than the “M”.

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Athletic dyslexia explains all.